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Thread: Neurotech [HD]

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    Hey Jay, I think the landscape thing should be a fairly easy fix, I believe you can use some of the same files you used for the SB pop-ups with slight edits...I managed to change them a while back for myself but then made the mistake of hitting enhance or w/e in Winterboard so it turned everything to png's :/...still works though. Anyways, wanted to show off some slight color changes and updates I made using your theme .

    Also, here is something I'm quite excited about & been working on for a while, as your theme inspired me. I've used your frame concept and recreated a few things from your theme. The image is for my own private use, but for the sake of not going further off topic, if anyone has questions or comments about the wallpaper, feel free to send me a private message.

    By the way, does anyone have any news on whether the app for MMI will be updated soon or if it already has been, how I could get it? (Going through safari is a pain :P)

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    I know how you feel. So far no news on the app update

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    Dear all,

    Does anybody else have problems with this theme on 4.3.3? I used it on 4.1 wihtout any problems but now on 4.3.3:
    - I can't get rid of the shadow behind the icons
    - There seems to be a semi-transparant black part over the dock (only over background)
    - Can't get lockscreen to work anymore
    - On the lockscreen, the 'sliderbox' keeps being displayed

    Just wondering if anybody else has these or if anybody know (a) solution(s)....

    Kind regards,

    - Little_Ghost
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    Hey Little_Ghost,

    I changed the package structure, and that causes errors when upgrading.

    You'll need to delete the theme completely, then re-download. Should work fine after that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Megaorange View Post
    Hi J
    I have noticed in quick reply when in landscape it's not themed

    Thanks for the heads-up! I didn't even know that window existed before now (I'm iPod-only, aka 'poor').

    I'll have a look around to see if I can find the file name for this window. Is the quick reply for portrait mode themed?

    (Interesting: when you put an image in quotes it shows up full-res)
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    Got everything to work EXCEPT the lockscreen.... :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by little_ghost View Post
    Got everything to work EXCEPT the lockscreen.... :S
    You have to go into Settings->Wallpaper->Wallpaper, then set the image as the Lock Screen

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    Yes, but for 4.1 i made 3 themes with the 3 lockscreen images. This way you could switch between them within winterboard if you wanted. Same principle doesn't work anymore... :S
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    Nope. 4.1 was the last iOS version that allowed LockBackground to work. Now you have to set in manually in Settings. It's a mild inconvenience.

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    aaah... that explains a lot!
    Thank you veeeery much kind sir.

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    Hey guys WWDC is happening right now. They just announce iOS 5 and now they're going down the new features.

    WWDC 2011 liveblog: Steve Jobs talks iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud and more! -- Engadget

    Ok, I found a livestream and just finished watching the keynote address. There's a lot of awesome features that they discussed, but it all adds up to one thing:

    Jailbreakers are in trouble.

    Your iPhone will constantly beam info up to the cloud, which means your iPhone can perhaps break a jailbreak without telling you. And this spells bad things for theme devs - if they iCloud feature has to be disabled in order to jailbreak, then users will miss out on a very, very powerful feature.

    I'm definitely worried. Oh, I'm still getting an iPhone 5 (4s, whatever) when it's released, but even me, a religious jailbreak enthusiast, may just dump jailbreaking for the added features if it comes to that. I sure hope not!
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    I wish I had a Dev account to try the beta.

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    Hey Jahooba, I've been trying to send you a PM but for some reason it doesn't seem to be going through, at least its not showing up in my outbox after I send it = /.

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    request for backboard theme icon preview tks

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadyajie View Post
    request for backboard theme icon preview tks
    Not sure how to make an icon for this yet. If you'd like to use the official Neurotech icon, then it's attached.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -neurotech-icon-rounded.png  
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    can u make it to dimension 100x100 .png

    ok tks its fit

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    Hey J do you know how I could find the name of status bar items (wifi, 3g ect) and the loading images.

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    You mean in my theme, or in the iPhone file system?

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    In the iphone file system

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    Sorry about the wait. They're located in the [email protected] file located in: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework

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    mmm... its more difficult then i thought. Do you know how to open a artwork file?

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