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Thread: Neurotech [HD]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    This is loosely related, but man, I really wish there were icon animations. Like when you press the icon it would move, spin, bounce, or explode or something, right on the Springboard, instead of us staring at a static loading screen. The iOS interface just needs more dynamic movement.
    Animated icons would be so cool. I could imagine it now.
    (I would love to program something like that. I would make an entire tron inspired OS. I plan on going to a Collage all about tech and programming.)

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    I thought about learning Flash for user interface design, but... well, when would I get to use it? Besides, that's probably Step 8 for programming and I'm not even on Step 0 yet

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    I actually know a small bit of C++ programming. I made a small Data size converter program.

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    Best thing to do: don't wait to learn in school (school moves way too slow). Just go out and buy a book on it, start on page one, read the intro - get a feel for the philosophy the experts use, and do all the lessons.

    When you read how a professional thinks, it really changes the way you look at that profession. It's no longer just a job in your mind - it's a way of life.

    Then, when you get out of college and you're looking to invest in your company, hire me to do your logo

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    You will be the first Person I'll call
    My problem is even though im just a freshman I have little time to teach myself programming. Most time I have to wait for summer break.

    (Heres a link to my program if you want to take a look at it)

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    Jahooba (2011-04-06)

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    I just tried your program, it works! And lol, it's old-school! It brought me back to my DOS days when we actually had to put in floppy disks and type commands to start a game

    I guess you're starting at the bottom and working your way up? I always wanted to get into programming (I think I'd be good at it), but I should probably just stick with what I'm good at (3D/ visual design).

    I don't know, I guess it's never too late...

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    Ya I'm starting with the basic console programs. I barely remember floppy disks. How much space did they hold 8MB? I know there was enough for windows ME. I put the icon together real quick and I'm no artist.


    Some Icons broke in the update.

    bitesms icon reverted to normal as the only icon in the bundle folder is icon2X89.png
    Mobile terminal was missing from bundles
    Couldn't find iBooks or Air video in bundles
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    Jahooba (2011-04-07)

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    Thanks, I'll look into those. Please let me know if you find anything else

    edit - I know what I did wrong. Man, it was stupid of me. I'll release another update.
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    What did you do?

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    Well, when I gather all the resources to upload, I have a separate folder for most of the 3rd party icons, that way they're easier to sort. I didn't add them to the folder before I uploaded them.

    Sorry about that!


    Ok, version 1.4.1 is uploaded and pending.
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    Ah ok. Well hopefully the new upload posts soon.

    Edit: UPDATE IS LIVE!!
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    Jahooba (2011-04-08)

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    I have a treat coming to Neurotech [HD] for my Tron Theme fans.

    Here's a teaser:

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    Hey Jahooba! You are amazing. This theme is easily the best looking and best supported theme I've ever come across. I can't put my phone down! The iPhone four is my first idevice and you have helped me fall even more in love with it.

    I do have one small problem I can't seem to solve. I've tweaked all the settings to my liking so far and I thought I'd try the clock widget. I activate it in winterboard and the clock part works but it overwrites the wallpaper you made. All it is is the clock and a black background with a small blue square/question mark in the middle.

    Suggestions? Solutions? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the compliment!

    I'm not sure how to fix the clock widget. I tried at one time but the new HTC widget is either more complex, or I'm more dumb than I used to be. Probably the latter.

    But, if you figure it out I'll give you a copy of my theme for free


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    I'll keep working on it as much as I'm able. It seems like the HTML file performs an action that uses it's own background image and since that image can't be found it's overlaying the clock on an attempt to call an image. I'll try messing with the file I guess

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    Hey Jay redsnow rc12 fixes boot animate

    Edit: add a png to the widget theme folder named L.png adds the pic but its distorted

    Edit:Edit: Ok the thing is the picture has to be named L.png and it has to be in the HTC theme folder BUT the picture can only be 320 X 480 because it does not resize the picture
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    Default Woot!
    I actually just fixed it and it looks perfect! I modified the Wallpaper.html file in the widget folder and stored a copy of my background image in /var/mobile/springboard and changed the file reference in Wallpaper.html to Jahoobas wallpaper. Worked like a charm! Turns out that for some reason the widget had trouble recognizing the Springboard home screen wallpaper and incorporating it into the widget functions. I just had to guide it a bit.

    (GOD I love this theme... )

    Edit: This is the section I modified. It's in the bottom section of code in the <body> tag of Wallpaper.html.
    <img src="/private/var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/HomeBackgroundPortrait.jpg" height="480" width="320" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; z-index:-1;">
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    so you coped the wallpaper into the springboard folder and changed the background-image url to point to that image?

    Edit: just seen your edit

    Edit edit: oh i see I was editing the wrong pointer

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    Yep you've got it. And here's photo proof. So happy now my theme is almost complete! just minor tweaking now. Btw I'm using the Neuropol font font from Bytafont. Goes well with the theme without being hard on the eyes.

    Edit: God I've missed talking 'nerd talk'
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    You can also hide the names of all your other icons too like this

    Edit: i also had neuropol but sometimes i switch to the Tron font but thats a little hard to read
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