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Thread: Project9 by Blue

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    Default Project9 by Blue

    First THEME OF THE WEEK 2011
    Unique design, guaranteed free from any metal framed icons and buttons
    This is Project9, a complete HD Theme and UI with amazing new colors and material mixes. Normal and a REAL iNAV-style included. Works with iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1 (!) on iPhone4 and iPod Touch4

    NEW: Real animated Background Weather):

    I can not show all parts of this amazing theme, so here are just some samples what you can expect:

    AVAIABLE for 2.49 $ at:CYDIA STOREand iThemeSky: Project 9 iPhone 4 theme - Technology - iPhone Themes, Winterboard Themes download

    More Icons and LoadingScreens:
    Addons 1-3 and Icons are also avaiable at CYDIA, search for "P9" at Cydia
    ADDON 1 LoadingScreens (Apple): P9 Addon 1 (Apple).zip (Avaiable at Cydia too)
    ADDON 2 LoadingScreens: (Avaiable at Cydia too)
    ADDON 3 LoadingScreens:
    ADDON 4 LoadingScreens:
    More Extras:
    Animated Weather:
    Templates and Font:
    iPod Backgrounds: iPod
    Color Mods:
    German Mod: German
    More NAV Icons:
    More SpringJump Icons: More

    - Professional, unique and complete HD graphics with about 1.600 new graphics !
    - Never seen very tricky icon design with different styles plus Icon Mask
    - build in iNAV mod included, switchable at WinterBoard
    - build-in look for the scrolling bar of infinidock on the right side of the homescreen
    - Theme with LoadingScreens, LiveClock, SMS, Messages, Phone a. Dialer, Compass, Maps, Contacts, Camera, Photos, Weather, Clock, Notes, Settings, iPod, YouTube, ...
    - Complete new UI (all Buttons, bars and so on)
    - 8 different widget colors avaiable !
    - BiteSMS (see Addon2)and Folder Enhancer themed
    - transparent mini springjumps dock
    - Weather-Location-Clock-Date - Widget, supports 6 languages and 24h clock !
    - complete german mod avaiable
    - Templates for all Icons and LoadingScreens
    - iPod graphics avaiable
    - new SBSettings with 39 toggles included
    - new status bar graphics included

    1. (Manually installation: Download, unzip and copy all theme folders to /Libary/Themes/
    Start the WinterBoard App and enable ONLY "P9.theme" and "P9 WIDGET.theme" and respring
    2. Install "Springjumps" and "Gridlock" from Cydia (not needed but recommended).
    (NOTE: Instead of Gridlock you can use "iBlank" and create 6 blank icons for every page and
    place them on top of the widget. In this case open Winterboard and enable "No-Icon Shadows-iBlank". You´ll loose the solid black icon background but looks good anyway
    3. Install InfiniBoard and InfiniDock (not needed but recommended to scroll verticaly and to have more than 4 dock icons)
    4. Open the Springjumps app and enable 4 springjumps or, if you use InfiniDock, up to 8 springjumps (see picture ) and place theme at the dock like you want. Avaiable are: Home,Work,Media,Setup,Tools,Games,Social, Apps, Favs. You can sort now or later all your apps to this pages.
    5. Place two text icons to the top right on every page(first the smaller black one), place all other icons or folders below like you want and leave the widget free (with Gridlock or 6 iBlank-icons for every page)

    Weather Setup:
    a) First find your Location Code here: Weather Location Codes/IDs
    For US users: open this webside: Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News , search for your town, then open "Extended Forecast" and now take a look at the adressbar of your browser where you see something Like "USCA1234". This is what you need.
    b) Rework the following file with iFile on your device or with a text editor on your PC/MAC:
    Open this path: Libary/themes/P9.theme/Widgets/Weather/Weather.html
    Write in your location code at the green field and/or change this widget to Celsius by changing "false" to "true".
    NOTE: Use ONLY "iFile" or a simple Text Editor like Windows "Editor" (Standard on any PC). Don´t use a HTML Editor. This could cause a wired "A" at your temperature after installation !

    Color Mods:
    1. Copy all Color Mod.themes to Libary/Themes/ and make sure they´re listed above the P9.theme at Winterboard. Enable "P9.theme", "P9 WIDGET.theme" and one color mod at WinterBoard.
    2. Open the folder of the color mod you use and copy "[email protected]" to Libray/Themes/P9.theme/
    NOTE: This color mods only affect on Homescreen, Lockscreen, Call background, SMS and some more UI graphics, it´s not possible to rework the complet UI seven times.
    NOTE: This Color Mods also work with the NAV Mod (!): Sort it at winterboard this way: P9 NAV Mod - P9(blue/green/...)Mod - P9(theme)

    P9 NAV Mod:
    1. Enable only the "P9.theme" plus the "P9 NAV Mod.theme" (Disable the P9 Widget.theme and any Color mod)
    2. Arrange your icons like shown at the second screenshot (attachment). You can also place the small icons one row higher than shown or use iconoclasm with a 4x5 layout if you want more apps on your screen.
    NOTE: Because of the huge NAV-Icons the NAV Mod conflicts with the iOS Multitasking bar. Use it with e. g. "Multifl0w" (Cydia).
    Make sure "P9 NAV Mod.theme" is listed above the "P9.theme" at Winterboard !
    Make sure you also reworked (or copied) your "Weather.html" to the NAV Mod.theme !

    Animated Weather (made for the NAV mod):
    Download, unzip and copy the the folder "P9 Animated Weather.theme" to Libary/Themes/ and enable it at WinterBoard.
    NOTE: Make sure its listed above all other P9 themes/Mods at Winterboard.
    You must write in your location code at this mod too (P9 Animated Weather.theme/locationHere.js)


    Why are some LoadingScreens not working ?
    Apple renamed some of it´s LoadinScreens on iOS 4.2.1, please take a look at the applications folder and you maybe must rename theme to [email protected]~iphone.png
    Why are some/all icons not working ?
    a) Enable Summerboard mode at the winterboard app
    b) Every icon must be avaiable twice at the icons folder of the P9.theme, one with a "@2x", one without.
    c) some Cydia Apps, like BiteSMS, need a reboot to work
    d) If you use a not English (or not german device): Rename the stock apple icons at the icons folder to your language, e.g. "[email protected]" to "[email protected]"
    I don´t want that widget at my Lockscreen, can i remove it?
    Yes, open Libary/Themes/P9 WIDGET.theme or P9 NAV.theme and delete Lockbackground.html and respring, thats all.
    I have both the widget and the stock clock on my Lockscreen now ?
    You can hide the stock clock with Lockinfo or freeware "Lockscreen Clock Hide" (Cydia)
    How can i use this with my iPod touch ?
    Copy the attached graphics to the "P9.theme" folder (they just replace the iPhone text at the widget)
    Do you have the texticons in a mirrored style too ?
    Yes, all of the stock Texticons are made as mirrored icons (see folder Extras)
    Where must i copy the Battery images and why is it not working ?
    here: Libary/Themes/P9.theme/Bundles/ If you use the widget on your Lockscreen it is not possible on iOS to display the battery too.
    Where must i place new LoadingScreens ?
    Donwload, unzip and copy one or all of the bundle folders to Library/Themes/P9.theme/Bundles/
    Where must i place Icons ?
    Where must i place large NAV icons ?
    To P9 NAV Mod.theme/Icons/
    Where must i place or can i replace Springjump text-icons ?
    Libary/Themes/P9.theme/Folders/,, ....
    What must i do for SBSettings ?
    - The Cydia version installs it automaticly. For other versions you must open the downloaded folder/var/mobile/Libary/SBSettings/Themes/ and copy the folder "P9 SBSettings" to the same path on your device: /var/mobile/Libary/SBSettings/Themes/
    - Open SBSettings, press "more", press "themes" and enable the new "P9 SBSettings" - theme
    - Open the folder of the P9.theme/EXTRAS and copy the new "respring.png" to var/mobile/Libary/SBSettings/
    I want to use it in german language ?
    See folder Extras/German mod/ or download this folder here. It includes all files
    My background graphics don´t work while making a phonecall ?
    Copy the "Call Wallpaper.png" from the Extras folder with itunes to your camera roll on the iPhone and choose it as your new wallpaper.
    How can i remove labels for the texticons ?
    You can only use the new free Cydia app "Icon Renamer" and choose a blank icon name for every app.
    How can i remove the black background of the small mirrored icons ?
    Open folder P9.theme/EXTRAS/Clear Icons Mod/ and copy all graphics to P9.theme/Bundles/
    My folder and TaskbarBackground is not themed ?
    Open this path on your device: User/Library/Caches/ and DELETE only this file now: Its just a cache file don´t worry.
    How can i make icons and Loading screens ?
    Take a look here:

    You have no permission to use my templates, code or any graphics of this theme for releasing own themes but you´re wellcome to post and share here Loadingscreens and all kind of Icons for this theme.

    Credits for
    Widget realization: Alien1974 and Holdemdogg
    Animated Weather: Wyandwarrior, Alien1974 and Ian Nicoll
    More icons and loadings screens: mbiscaro, FiVe5tArPlAy3r, JTSkinz, LooLzzz
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -p1.png   -p9-setup.png   -p9-nav-setup.png   -springjumps-setup.png  
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    Wow, another awesome looking theme. I can't wait to see where this goes.

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    Sieht schön tief aus, 3D

    Bin gespannt, anwärter für die beta hast du schon mal.


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    I already saw da glimpse of it....
    Looks Smashing.

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    Wow nice! I hope this will be for the 3gs also

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    Not too shabby! Can't wait to see some more screenies!
    My latest theme - -

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    If your looking for beta testers, count me in, and if not..count me in anyway lol.

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    omg u never fail to impress/surprise me with your extraordinary concepts, Blue

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    OMG! (no, I'm not a teenage girl ) Blue keep your day job please.. err.. I mean keep doing what you do best with this one and the previous ones as well..

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    Thanks. You'll get more details soon.

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    Looks great blue, can't wait to see the finished project.

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    Will you be porting this to older devices blue?

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    hey blue, is it boring to just release the most excellent stuff AFTER someone thought the previous theme WAS already THAT most excellent one??

    The teasers just say W o W

    In case you still need an icon maker send me a list, I would be honored to send some bavarian styled icons

    ...and...I 2nd the request to port this one later to SD devices ..

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    Thanks, i´ve added more screenshots to post one.

    It´s not a iNav theme and i will not port it to "older" devices. I´ve done this one time and could not test anything must make every graphic twice. But it´s possible if anyone of you has enough time

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    Looks like another homerun by the Blue-man himself!

    Awesome work. Huge fan! ^_^
    #eli7e revived me

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