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Thread: Project9 by Blue

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    Sorry been really stupid and messed up mine weather.html file of the inav version. Could somebody maybe upload the original?

    Also are there any other inav icons for gamecenter?

    Sorry if these questions have already been answered.
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    Speaking of weather.html since I updated and reinstalled changing the location or the true/false for the values does nothing. The weather remains for New York and in F.
    When I opened in iFile the location was already set for Tokyo but didn't change. I changed it to another location but nothing, changed it back to Tokyo but still says NYC.

    Any advice?

    Never mind I sorted it. After the reinstall of P9 after I updated to OS4.2 then rejailbroke iFile went to the old instance of P9 automatically and it was a redundant file I was altering. I got rid of those and it went fine.
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    New set up
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    Just bought this one!
    Will try this one out!

    Probably will need some of your help soon!

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    Using the german P9 widget the name of the month is not correct: It shows "M?rz" and not "März"
    Please help.

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    Hello, I need the Default.png for this icons:
    Can anybody help me? Please
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    I want a Project 9 theme in green. I hate orange. Can I has? Or that's impossible to ask? I felt a slight tinkle when I saw the color mods but unfortunately not what I expected :/

    I basically want the loading screens and ui.. Which are a lot to custom modify..

    Thanks for any help
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    your theme is amazing!!
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    blue ? how much for a green project 9
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluemetal View Post
    Sorry to be rude, so this theme is made for iphone4 and ipod touch4. With 6000 posts you should know that a HD only theme can´t work on other devices. If this theme would have SD graphics included or a SD version is avaiable you can be sure that i would tell it the users

    Unfortunatly you´re not the only one, i get this questions so often, worst case are users with iphone 3/G/s that download HD themes, no matter what i write at Cydia Store, then they want a refund from me (not from Cydia Store) and so on...

    Take a look at the P9 Widget.theme, you must rework and delete several files there.

    E.g. at the P9 Widget.theme open Widgets/Weather/IconsSets/tango/ Here are the icons stored. You can replace them with a similar set of HTC icons if you want. You must google for that or use the search function of Modmyi.

    This weather icons are completly handmade by me by the way, i was just to lazy to rename the folder LOL, it´s not the Tango weather set.

    Note: The size of the new icons doesn´t matter as the widgets rezises them

    EDIT: I forgot, you can use this set from my TimelessHD theme, simply replace the folders (Make a copy of the original ones before):

    I bet you I can get this on my 3GS... ...we'll see in an hour or two. I just restored my iPhone, and I think I've ported this well. You can have the file if you want, but your theme is in SD now too. It is true the detail will never be as good as an HD iDevice, but it still looks pretty damn good.


    Quote Originally Posted by mrmyco View Post
    sorry if this has already been covered, but how come when i bring up the multitasking bar on the springboard, the beautiful themed icons turn back to the stock ones ( in the transparent preview above the multitasking bar if you know what i mean )
    is there a fix for this? *_*
    Currently the only "fix" for this would be to place the icon.png's with the [email protected]'s in the correct bundle folder inside the bundle folder...ex.. You would name the icon "icon.png" and copy and rename it "[email protected]" and place it in that folder. Then move the folder "" in the bundles folder. I've noticed this after trying craploads of themes.

    And I don't think green would go as well with this as is a very beautiful iNav theme, I like it alot .
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    I have been looking for quite a while but is there a Cydia springjump around? I need to create a page for it. Thanks

    One more question. Why do the clouds for animated weather go behind the side icons?
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    i updated today on 4.3.1 with pwnage.

    having some issues like, unlock slider is the original from apple, showing twice weather, city, clock on background

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    can u teach me how to set up my lockscreen? Calendar n clock they stick at the lockscreen

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtskinz View Post
    Last 2
    love the SC one... question.. how do you use custom icons?? bear with me please. Thank you for the great theme Blue

    Quote Originally Posted by Scottfree67 View Post
    love the SC one... question.. how do you use custom icons?? bear with me please. Thank you for the great theme Blue
    Never i got it
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default Can someone please help me!
    I'm looking for the file or image that makes "wall" and "info" black in the facebook app. I don't know if it's a UI Image or its part of a bundle or folder. If anyone can tell me what produces this result i'd very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    Unhappy Transparency Issue
    NEVERMIND, finally found it 5 min. after post.
    Sorry if this has been addressed but I searched and couldn't find it.
    The area where the normal dock would be is opaque on my screens. i.e the bottom .5" is opaque and blocking the icons. What am I doing wrong?
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    I'm new to iPhone and this theme luv it by the way great theme but can we get the rest of the addons and extras on cydia cuz I can't even download them on my phone from the link and just seems easier lol thanx

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    request for backboard theme preview icon dimension 100x100 .png tks
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