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    Default [Release] Antiquity 3
    Antiquity 3.0

    Rapidshare Link

    Clock and Calendar scripts - Big thanks to Simon Baird at CoolClock - The Javascript Analog Clock and Steven Brouwer at

    Calendar design- Inspired by Galusha Maranvilleís Calendar Clock from 1861

    Chime & Tick - by dobroide from freesound.org in accordance with a Creative Commons License

    ---APPS USED---
    Cydia - Lockscreen Clock Hide, SpringJumps, Five Icon Dock, Iconoclasm, iBlank (Yes, youíll need iBlanks even if you have Iconoclasm)

    Thanks to Schmilk for help with Springjumps.


    --No Changes Have Been Made To The Lockscreen---

    The lit bulbs indicate Saturdays and Sundays. The black dot indicates the current date.

    Iíve included eight more months worth of monthly gifs. And yeah, the pendulum works. Touch it to unlock and youíll hear a clock chime. When you lock, you hear the clock tick. (But only twice and not too loud. I donít want to see my theme mentioned on the news for setting off airport security.)


    Instead of one background image, Iíve now included two panoramas of five pages each.

    So, whereís the dock? Each page has shaded floor boards to indicate where the springjumps are. The light one is the page youíre currently on.

    Youíve probably already guessed, many of the figures are actually icons. (Or at least will be when you put the transparent iconed apps in the right place.) When you touch the left candles or the lights they toggle on and off. This will let you use the same image as two different icons. For instance, when the lights are on the Victrola is for Music, when theyíre off it could be used for iTunes. Or you could use them for Stacks, Catagories, or *cough* Apple Folders. Hereís a listing of what youíll find on each page and icon suggestions.

    Page 0:
    Business as usual.

    Page 1:
    Triunial Magic Lantern - Movies and App Store
    Victrola - Music and iTunes

    Microphone - Any voice memo or recording apps.
    Chalkboard - Any note taking apps.
    Picture - ďThe Camera ObscuraĒ by Charles Amedee Philippe Van Loo, 1764. Guess what? The boy isnít holding one! Heís actually holding a box camera. Go figure. If you have an iPhone you could use this for the Camera.

    Page 3:
    Books - Someone requested an icon for Stanza, well here it is. You could also use it for any app that reads PDFs.
    Clock - Anything to do with time keeping. Look familiar?
    The Moon - Anything to do with weather.
    The Man - He looks lonely maybe you should Contact him.
    The Pillow - Settings
    The two top shelves of the end table can be used for icons as well.

    Page 4:
    Building - Household expenses
    Fire - Use a battery app to see how long itíll keep burning.
    Couch - Springjump, Cydia, and Winterboard.

    Pages 3& 4:
    The Painting - ďClair de LuneĒ by Claude-Joseph Vernet 1771


    When you need to do a search, ask ZodiÖ

    Idea fromÖ Zodi fortune teller coin operated arcade

    Cabinet from a Buddha fortune telling machine, circa 1930

    Instead of making icons for specific programs Iím going to make curios which can be used for several programs. Iíve made enough to fill out the default OS set as well as a few for programs I use a lot. Iíve also included an extra batch and what I think they could be used for.

    You can only have eight springjumps and this theme really needs nine. So the final light (turned on) wonít turn off. Youíll have to go to the previous page and turn that light off.

    I used 10 pages, and you have 11 pages available. The last one is for the anything including the extra Springboard icons you donít need. But thereís no springjump to this page either. So youíll have to swipe to get to it.

    The items in IconoclasmPLists go ... /Library/Iconoclasm/Layouts/
    The items in Springjumps go... /Applications/
    The items in Springjumps00 go... /var/stash/Applications.pwn/

    Included are suggest layouts.
    Add iBlanks where you donít want icons.

    Only then should you turn the names of icons in/out of the docks off in Winterboard. Trust me, trying to do this without them on can be frustrating.

    If youíd prefer to have the lights off as the default images, just change the background images for Page0-4.png with Page5-9. And thatís it. you wonít have to change anything else.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [Release] Antiquity 3-page5.png  
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    very original
    If you'd like, follow me on Twitter: @16Maarten
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    crazy man!! Very cool looking!

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    wallpaper is magical, to be honest. makes my wish it was still that time period.

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    Default love the lockscreen
    I love this lockscreen and have been using it for a year. The weekend markers are off for 2011. I wondered if you had updated png's for 2011, or if you have the blank monthly png's without the weekend markers. I don't have much in the way of editing software -- I tried to edit myself and couldn't get anything respectable. .. .


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    I posted an update to the calendar several weeks ago. Here's the link.

    [UPDATE] - Antiquity 3 Calendar

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