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Thread: [RELEASE] Eternal BY ** RAPTORS **

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickey1969 View Post
    Hi Raptors I think your theme is fantastic. Could you please put this photo into the orb on the lockscreen for me. Thanks

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    mickey1969 (2010-05-31)

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    Default No Alternate Wallpapers

    I bought the Eternal theme last night and I really like it; however, when I go into WinterBoard, the only selection I have related to this theme is "Eternal2.0.1." I would like to be able to change wallpapers and experience whatever other cool features this theme provides but I'm not as tech savvy as most of the folks I've seen responding in this thread. I just want stuff to work when I buy most of the other themes I've purchased. Can someone please give me the "Eternal for Dummies" explanation of how to gain access to changes for the wallpaper and the chat bubbles? Responding to my email ([email protected]) would be greatly appreciated as I am currently at work and can check my email from my iPhone a lot more regularly than I can check this website. ;-) Thanks in advance for all your help and again, I really like your Eternal theme. Let's see if you can make me love it! :-)


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    I'm new to all this jailbreak stuff so you're going to have to break it down for me. When you say "try iphone explorer and iphone browser," what exactly do you mean? What am I "trying" to do? Are those iphone apps that I need to download and install? My whole thing is that I'm trying to avoid having to do anything on my iMac. I just want to be able to go into WinterBoard on my iPhone and select different options for wallpaper or sound. Currently, I have no options for this theme whatsoever in WinterBoard other than "Eternal2.0.1." Am I the only one having this problem?

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    Thanks ProfessorJack. I'll have to do that as soon as I get home from work later this afternoon. Not allowed to install any software on my PC (Piece of Crap) at work without Administrator privileges. :-(

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    I downloaded and installed iFile onto my iPhone from Cydia and I'm able to see all of the folders and files (full paths) right on the iPhone without hooking my iPhone up to the computer. Now, which files do I need to cut or copy and paste from which folders into which folders in order for me to be able to make option changes to this theme straight from WinterBoard for wallpaper changes and chat balloon colors?

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    When I go to /Library and click on the Themes folder, the path automatically changes to /var/stash/Themes. I'm not sure exactly why that happens. I was expecting to see /Library/Themes. What do I do now?

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    I have an iMac (Leopard) at home. Are you in the U.S.? If so, can I just give you my cell number so you can just call me and walk me through this?

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    I hate Windows and would never contaminate my iMac like that! ;-)

    Ok, I downloaded iPhone Explorer and it's open on my iMac with my iPhone connected. I can see several folders. iTunes is open too. What now?

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    :-) No problem. I'm tied up tonight anyway so tomorrow is fine. Thanks again!

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    You lost me in your second to last paragraph. I found the wallpaper I want to use, but clicking on it and hitting return does absolutely nothing on a Mac. And the "bak-" thing. What's that about? Am I changing the name of a file? Also, you said to drag the png file in. Into what folder?

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