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Thread: A Better Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000 Winterboard Theme

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    Talking A Better Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000 Winterboard Theme
    I downloaded and installed the Pip-Boy 3000 winterboard theme, but found it to be lacking. Don't get me wrong, the original theme is awesome, it just needed a little more to make it perfect. I have added upon the original green-themed pack.

    My changes include:
    • Modified Lock Screen featuring health status indicators
    • 95 New Icons
    • New Dock Background
    • Green Keyboard (for use with iAcces)

    Screen shots are attached. Screenshots were made with the following installed / enabled:

    Please note: to use the Keyboard you must first download and configure iAcces. Please follow these instructions to install & enable:
    1) Add the xsellize repo to your iphone or ipod touch's Cydia source list:

    2) Find and download the app called iAcces from the xsellize repo.

    3) Reboot!

    3.5)Open iacces and go into every menu and sub menu and turn all options off. Turn on the very first option on the top (main) menu and press home to exit.

    4) Search the ModMyI repo and BigBoss repo for iAcces keyboard themes and download one(I am currently using Macbook Air Black).

    5) Activate the keyboard theme in winterboard.

    6) Now open anything with a keyboard in it (spotlight will suffice, just press your home button).

    7) See that globe button next to the space bar? Press it until you see a theme.
    Make sure to unzip files before installing. Copy extracted folders to:

    UPDATE: I was having trouble with my own Lockscreen theme, but I found an animated Battery Indicator / Lockscreen that's already pretty sweet! I've attached the file to this thread, Pip-Boy 3000a - props to the person who made this! To use this battery indicator: copy extracted folder to the Library/Themes/ directory, then make sure it is placed before/above "theorie's Pip-Boy 3000" in Winterboard.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -theorie_pipboy3k_lockscreen.jpeg   -theorie_pipboy3k_springboard.jpeg   -theorie_pipboy3k_keyboard.jpeg  
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    really nice theme... i guess it' s gonna stay in my phone for quite some time since im a hardcore fallout fan may i ask a question though. how do u make those icons? i need to make some for some of my apps that do not have an icon

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    Great theme! I really like the lockscreen but I can't find it, it just shows the plain pip-boy background. I'm also curious how it's animated. I'm hoping the health bars go down with the battery and his condition / face changes. That would be sweet!
    Thanks for your hard work

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    Yeah, the animated lock screen doesn't work for me. But the rest of it is great!

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    Hi guys. Thanks for the feedback.

    Here's a tutorial on how to make your own icons using Photoshop, images are attached.

    1. Open the blank icon in photoshop.
    2. Make or choose and image to use for the icon. This works best if it's black and white, so if the image is in color, first convert it to black and white by pressing Ctrl+Shift+U to desaturate.
    3. Once you have your black & white image, go to Select > Color Range. Click on the 1st dropper, then use the dropper to click the black area on the image. Now, adjust the slider until you have a pretty good inverse'd image in the selection preview box. Click OK to finish.
    4. COPY the selected area, click on the blank icon window, and PASTE the black outlines as a new layer.
    5. Using the pointer, make sure "Show Transform Controls" is selected at the top, then use the bounding box to resize the image to fit within the blank button area. Press Return to apply.
    6. Right-click the thumbnail for the new layer in the Layer's Box to select that layer's transparency.
    7. With the layer's transparency selected, delete the top layer by clicking the Trash Can at the bottom of the Layer's Box. Now you will still have the selection mask, but there will only be one layer (the blank icon layer).
    8. Press Backspace or Delete to clear the selected area.
    9. Go to File > Save As and save the new icon. Make sure to give it a name that matches the App name. Make sure it saves as a PNG file (same as the original blank icon).
    10. Upload the new icon to your iPhone via SSH or DiskUtility (if you don't know how to do this, find a tutorial...
    11. Restart Springboard to see the new icon!

    I've also updated the original post (scroll up!) to include a new Battery Status Lock Screen - I did not make this, I found it, so all credit goes to the original creator.

    I'm working on version 1.1 of my theme, which will likely integrate the new Battery Lock Screen. I'm also going to change the Normal Lock Screen, and a few other small things. Feel free to post an icons you create to share with everyone else!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -howto1.jpg   -howto2.jpg   -howto3.jpg   -howto4.jpg   -howto5.jpg   -howto6.jpg  
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    Hi there, I absolutely love the theme! It is great and I am a fallout fan, and I am sorry for the bother but, how can I get the animated lockscreen to work?

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    My Dog Pop Arted!!!

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    To get the animated battery charge screen to work, I sftp'd to the phone and replaced the /bundles/ battery files. Unfortunately, they're not quite the right size.

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    Hey guys, i found this thread, and i love fallout, and i'm a designer. there were gaps in the iconpack so i made a bunch for myself, and uh. thought someone else might want them

    so there's a zip attached with these guys in it

    brushes (painting app)
    chess (chess with friends free)
    currency (xe.comm currency converter)
    iFile (file explorer)
    The Word (stephen Colbert's the word app)
    vlc4iphone (video player)
    Words Free (words with friends free)

    so if any of you need them, i guess they're there.

    most are pretty basic, but i'm pretty proud of currency (i used a nuka cola bottlecap)

    here are a couple o screens

    (mine's a touch, not an iphone, so i rearranged a little)
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    Default Help
    thats an awsome theme great job i looked around and thats one of the best. but i was wonderin if you could send me the instrutions to install it on my touch cause im kind new to this stuff if you can it would be very much appreciated

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    Default battery display change
    Can anyone explain to me how to change the battery icon to the fallout display? Everything else is correct, just not the battery display

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    Cool theme I liked that's it's based off that original pipboy theme but please consider making this work for the iphone 4 fully, a lot of things aren't present on the iphone for such as the changed dock and sliding bar...

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