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Thread: [RELEASE] **** iWarp HD2 -HTC HD2-

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    How untouchable you are on the Internet! WOOOAH, tough guy, guess I can't compete with you I can't fight online

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I'm just a normal kid. They will ban this account and i will soon Release Your theme on the Internet

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    whats the difference i have htc hd2 and mine looks better but i still like this one

    wow rockstar way to piss off a guy who brings us great stuff maybe this is not the place for a kid then
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ishaked View Post
    i had a problem when the widget wouldnt update on its own, only respring made it sync with the weather.
    that i fixed.

    now the problem i have is that the date doesnt changes after 00:00 (midnight),it doesnt matter how much time i'll wait, the only way to update is by respring.

    *the update is standing on 30 min
    Hey ishaked - how did you fix the weather widget not updating unless you respring? That's the problem I'm seeing. The weather (temp and icon) stay the same unless I respring....

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    Quote Originally Posted by YGtherockstar View Post
    hahhaa. its funny How it doesn't matter if im banned or not. i havae many ways to get on. several accounts. several ips. I could care less i just hate seein ****** bags like you robbing people. you f u * ck i n low life. I am going to release the iPhone HD after they ban me to show how untouchable i am. <------------ free download FREEEEEE
    lol dude get a life... probably sum lil kid pissing ppl off. lmao.. dont worry raptors all great themes get leaked sometime. look at the appstore. so much apps being leaked.... someone needs to put a stop to this..

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    is there an Iconoclasm layout for this? i saw the one on cydia but i get an error , an yes i did pay for Iconoclasm but i would rather manually install.

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    yaah same question as the guy on top...

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    can u write please detailed instructions how to set this theme up instead of put this here there make this bla bla make pictures mannn

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    I have everything set up just like the screen shot, but none of my icons line up on the second and third page?

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    yeah i know it took alot of time and hard work, but there are gonna be alot better themes for free, i think it was kinda mistake in charging for it, instead of allowing people to donate if they want, u would have probly got more money that way, i would have downloaded and donated, but i am not gonna be forced to buy, when there are others that are free. thanks though.

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    No one's forcing you to pay for it. Besides if you can afford the iPhone/iPod touch, I'm sure a couple buck won't hurt you. He well deserves it for the amount if time he has put into it.

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    Default downoad
    whe is the download link?

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    PM me

    anyone having setup trouble, theres a screenie on how to set it up.

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    i purchased this theme but need setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmbrown81 View Post
    Hey thanks these look great but I have one problem and I need some real help. I just upgraded to a 3gs today and now I'm having issues jailbreaking. I use blackda1n and I can pretty much get everything installed like Cydia and Rock. But when I reboot my phone it crashes and I have to restore my entire phone. Please help or direct me to where I can get some help. Thanks
    you can jailbreak using spirit. here is the link.

    Download Spirit to Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3, iPad 3.2, iPod touch 3G | Redmond Pie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptors View Post
    PM me

    anyone having setup trouble, theres a screenie on how to set it up.
    Can you help me with the setup please?

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    Default iWarp HD2 Theme
    OK..folks, help a newbie out here. I have just jailbroken my iPhone 4 with greenpoison. I then downloaded the HD2 Pro and Infinidock. What I now need are instructions how to set this all up because currently I have the interface but my apps are in the folders making it difficult to view the home screen. Plus the weather says Toronto and I live in FLA. Thanks for all the help! And Yes I have all 15 pages here....

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    Thanked 2,094 Times in 1,147 Posts <-- this link, you see the 'iphone-2g-3g-3gs-ipod-touch-1g-2g-3g' part? there's no iPhone 4 in it, which means it's not iPhone 4/iOS 4 compatible
    If you'd like, follow me on Twitter: @16Maarten
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    will this work on the 4.0 firmware on an iPhone 3G?

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