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Thread: [Release] iCore X - As Requested

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    Default [Release] iCore X - As Requested
    Hi all, my name is Michael, and I am a newly made iPhone junkie, I haven't been clean in over 2 months now.

    There are so many amazing artists and theme creators out there, that I get insanely jealous that I lack those skills, and want to change my theme every other day literally. After seeing i*citified's Core, I really wanted to try and modify it to suit me.

    I am only releasing this because i*citified and several others have asked me to.
    Originally the idea was to modify and customize i*citified's Core, but the more themes I looked at and liked, the more I found myself incorporating into into this one.

    This is my first attempt at a theme (and my first time using Photoshop) so please report any bugs or problems and I will try and work on them!
    For the most part though, this is just pieces of themes that I liked, and put together to form an almost 100% complete theme.
    I won't take credit for most of the images used to piece this together, I just modified some of them and customized icons, wall papers etc...
    I will try to give proper credit to the original creators, but if I forget, or you see something as yours, please let me know so I can add you!

    I settled on the name iCore X; pretty simple really, the i represents the i in the many themes this was created from, such as iNav and iElegance, and of course for the iPhone itself.
    Core is for i*citified's Core theme which started this whole thing, and X for eXtras and eXtensions (extra for the other added themes I borrowed from other people, and also an extension of Core)

    It should be pretty straight forward to install, I am a complete noob when it comes to this stuff, so I tried to make things as simple as possible.

    The things you should need to make this work:

    -Categories (optional)
    -FiveIconDock (also optional, there is a 4 icon dock in there too)
    -Gruppled Lock Info Theme (optional)

    Really the only page that needs icon arrangement is the home page, as the icons around the center circle are all live and useable.
    The other pages can be setup as desired. I've included a screen shot of how the icons go so that they line up as closely as possible to the icons on the wallpaper.
    (If someone can come up with an animation so that it looks like the buttons are actually pressed, that would be great!)

    I've included everything I can possibly think of to help you customize this to however you like.
    This is especially for those that want to learn more about themes, I added as many different elements I could find so you could see them in action, and easily change them yourself.
    I included every .PSD, and I arranged them so that it would be easier to alter or change to your liking.
    Each PSD like the icons for example, have multiple layers that you can just turn on or off to get the icon you want, and there are over 120.
    The Icons consist of the ones in the screenshots and another set that have just a white glyph laying on top.
    The pages and wallpaper .PSD is similar, I labeled everything so it would be easier to identify, and each page's wallpaper can be turned on or off,
    as well as the headings can be renamed, just adjust the text, then save whatever page you are working on as a .png and you are done.
    Everything on every page can be easily changed or modified, or turned off (text, barbed wire, wallpaper etc...)
    I even included the .PSD for the carrier and wifi (edge, 3g) logo's so you can change them to whatever you want as well.

    Once you have the above mentioned programs installed, first move or copy the Extra's folder to your desktop, in it contains all of the .PSD files, Spring Jump folders, and the SB theme, which I finally finished and got right lol.
    Next, SSH into your phone, head to the /Library/Themes folder, and drop the iCore X theme folder into there.
    Then if you want to use the SBTheme, head over to /var/mobile/Library/SBSettings and put the SB Theme there.
    After that, go to the /Applications folder, and copy over all of the SpringJumps in the Extra's folder into there as well.
    Once those steps are done, you can follow this guide: Hack that Phone - Make and use themes with WinterBoard - Section 27: Gruppled theme. to get the Lock Screen Info installed.
    I did modify it so that the battery images (when charging) are aligned properly , you can see this from one of the screen shots provided.

    Well, I'm not really sure what else I need to say or add, I know that I have been up for over 26 hours, and have to work again in about 45 minutes lol So forgive me if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense, or if I rambled on too much!

    Please leave any and all feed back and let me know what you think! Just don't be too mean , I only just got my iPhone Jailbroken, and this is my first time ever using Photoshop, so I know I suck, but it's fun, and very addicting

    Hope someone out there likes it!


    Credits on lot's of the internals of this theme belong to some of the following people (if I forget you please tell me so I can give proper credit):


    Here is the link for the iCore X .zip

    & here are some screen shots:

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