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Thread: [Release]Custom Wallpaper + Lockscreen Cycler Pack

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    Default [Release]Custom Wallpaper + Lockscreen Cycler Pack
    Hi everyone,

    I was helping some other people in another thread on how to get a wallpaper cycler that cycled wallpapers every [insert request here] hours, so I decided to make a customizable theme and release it!

    I've tried to optimize and compact the code as much as I could so it uses as little CPU (and therefore battery) as it can - though I don't think it uses that much CPU power to begin with.

    Note, this DOES NOT include any wallpapers - that's for you to include!

    Now, I've attached two choices:

    Time-based changer
    This changes your wallpaper based guessed it...the time! It's like the Beach wallpaper pack on Cydia, only without the wallpapers. What's new in this version, though, is more customizability! You insert more wallpapers and have it change x times per hour, rather than only once!

    Random changer
    This just cycles through your wallpapers randomly every few minutes (you can specify how long). The lockscreen changes every time you lock your phone. The important thing here is that you MUST edit the configuration.js file included in the pack every time you add a wallpaper to update how many total walls you have.

    What's included
    Each wallpaper changer pack should include:

    • A "Wallpapers" folder - this is where you put all your wallpapers
    • A "Lockscreen" folder - this is where you put all your lockscreen backgrounds
    • A LockBackground.html file - this manages your lockscreen background. Delete if you don't want a custom lockscreen background.
    • A "Wallpaper.html" file - This is your wallpaper background. Delete if you don't want custom wallpapers.
    • A "configuration.js" file - This is the MOST IMPORTANT FILE! You must edit this file (right-click>>open with>>notepad) to change the settings!

    What's not included

    General Instructions
    1. Unrar the file to a folder of your choosing.
    2. Open the file you just unrared (it says .theme, but that's just a folder with .theme at the end of the name :P).
    3. Open configuration.js using Notepad (Right-click>>Open With..>>Notepad)'.
    4. Configure to your choosing (make your you look through all the settings; there's not much!).
    5. Delete Wallpaper.html or LockBackground.html if you don't want either the wallpapers or the lockscreen backgrounds.
    6. Populate your Wallpapers and/or Lockscreen folders with your pictures. These pictures should be named starting from 1.jpg all the way to however many wallpapers you need.
    7. SSH the ENTIRE .theme folder into your Themes folder on your iPhone (/Library/Themes)
    8. Select in Winterboard
    9. Enjoy (But read on for package-specific instructions!)

    Random-Specific Instructions
    You must ABSOLUTELY remember to change the WPNUM setting in your configuration.js after you add a wall, or else it won't show!

    Time-Specific Instructions
    Don't forget to populate your Wallpapers folder with enough wallpapers to cover the WHOLE 24-hour period, or else you'll just get a black background. The number of wallpapers you need is represented by the formula, 24*(60/MINUTES_PER_CHANGE).

    For example, if I set MINUTES_PER_CHANGE to 15, I would need 24*(60/15) = 24*4 = 96 total wallpapers (wallpapers numbered 1.jpg - 96.jpg). Of course, if you don't have enough, you can always duplicate your wallpapers and name them differently.

    Other Notes
    If you want the same pack of wallpapers for both your lockscreen AND your wallpaper (save some space!), you can set either the lockscreen source folder or the wallpaper source folder in your configuration.js, using WALLPATH or LOCK_WALLPATH. For example, I could set WALLPATH = "Lockscreen/", so that all my wallpapers will also be taken from the Lockscreen folder (same folder as the lockscreen walls). Remember, folder names are CaSe-SeNsItIvE!

    Don't forget you can change your image type. I use PNG images, for example, so in my configuration.js file, i would set both IMGTYPE and LOCK_IMGTYPE to "png". However, you have to use the same file type throughout.

    I'd release my own set of wallpapers, but none of the walls were made by me and I'm not sure how the original authors would feel. I CAN tell you, though, that there's a nice wallpaper repository here on modmyi, and also here. You can check out Vlad Studio as well for some amazing art, but you'll have to crop them manually as they're made for PC.

    That's all, and don't forget to give me some feedback or report any bugs!
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    you rock, at least ppl still do something in college sides drink, JK

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    Quote Originally Posted by ean101 View Post
    you rock, at least ppl still do something in college sides drink, JK
    We play Rock Band too
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    This works awesome and not to difficult use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illcaptive View Post
    This works awesome and not to difficult use.
    Glad you like it!

    Quote Originally Posted by ean101 View Post
    you rock, at least ppl still do something in college sides drink, JK
    Haha yep!

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    anyone notice their battery goin down like crazy? didnt even last 24 hrs when in the past i could use it for 3 days. i had to rejailbreak my iphone right before i used this i dunno whats goin on. just wondering if anyone else noticed this. thx

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    That's strange, my battery life is fine and I've been using this for quite a while now :S

    Which package are you using? The time-based one?

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    yeah thats waht im afraid of, i dunno how it happened, but when i did the complete restore, something is different and my battery is crap, lol. bout to do it over, lol. thanks again!

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    this is what i'm looking for ...
    but theres a problem that i'm having...
    i couldnt see my battery charging in the lockscreen anymore ... is there something i can do about it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahnamnam View Post
    this is what i'm looking for ...
    but theres a problem that i'm having...
    i couldnt see my battery charging in the lockscreen anymore ... is there something i can do about it ?
    Sorry, but not to my knowledge. The lockscreen HTML file goes over your entire lockscreen no matter what's on it.

    Maybe somebody else knows a workaround?

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    How does the random draw the wallpaper order? It doesn't seem its using all the wallpapers or repeats the same ones a lot.



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    I only use the Lockscreen myself, so I just set that to change based on the time in milliseconds because it was faster than the Math.random() algorithm. I realized this doesn't work as well on wallpaper background, since it changes every x minutes instead of when you lock it.

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    When I use the new random one my wallpaper changer doesn't work. do you know how i can fix this?

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    Fixed yet again.

    Sigh...sorry, I was too confident in my abilities and didn't test

    Ended up missing a closing bracket

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    sorry still doesn't work

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    Uploaded the wrong file is why. Should work now! (for the last time :P)

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    works great your awesome thanks a million

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    is it possible to accidentally missed out one or 2 wallpaper and the thing still runs??

    i.e i have number 56.jpg then next is 58.jpg (missing 57) and the system still works?? (yes and i have adjusted the config to the end total)

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    i have a question. does anyone elses caller ids not work if they have this as their lockscreen? if i have it only as wallpaper its fine but otherwise it takes over the caller id. lemme know

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    Request: a NON-random lockscreen cycler? i.e. every time the screen is locked, the next wallpaper is shown? I have two that I just want to switch between, without random repeats. Is this possible? I took a look at the html files, and couldn't figure out anything I could change myself, but I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about these things anyway. Pretty Please?

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