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Thread: JD Power Responds to Samsung Besting the iPad in its Customer Satisfaction Survey

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    Default JD Power Responds to Samsung Besting the iPad in its Customer Satisfaction Survey

    It was previously reported that a JD Power Tablet satisfaction survey strangely gave Samsung the top prize of being “best tablet.” If you take a look at the chart, you’ll notice that Apple’s iPad bested Samsung tablets in every single category except for cost. You do have to keep in mind that each category is given the same weight except for cost apparently. It was also strange that Samsung managed to attain a 5/5 score in overall satisfaction while failing to receive a 5/5 in any of the new metrics used to compute that final score.

    Naturally, after seeing the results, many eyebrows were raised. After several people reached out to JD Power asking for some much-needed clarification, JD Power responded by saying the following:

    It's important to note that award is given to the brand that has the highest overall score. In this study, the score is comprised of customer's ratings of five key dimensions or factors. To understand the relative rank of brands within each of these five dimensions we provide consumers with PowerCircle Rankings, which denote the brand that has the highest score within each factor regardless of how much higher their score is. In the case of Apple, although they did score higher on four out of five factors measured, its score was only marginally better than Samsung's. At the same time, however, Apple's score on cost was significantly lower than that of all other brands. As such, even though its ratings on other factor was slightly higher than Samsung's, Apple's performance on cost resulted in an overall lower score than Samsung.
    Essentially, Apple narrowly bested Samsung in the categories that it did win in and was way behind in the low category it ended up losing in, which was cost. Although this makes sense in theory, the chart indicates that the voting wasn’t at all close with respect to factors such as “performance” and “ease of use.” All in all, the study still seems a bit off given the accuracy and visual representation of the actual scoring. All of this does seem to undermine the very reason behind conducting such surveys in the first place, namely providing consumers with data to help them with their purchase-making decisions.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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    JD Powers is a big joke anyways. They will give anyone an award even with the lowest ratings and I wouldn't be surprised if they can be bought.

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    JD Power's explanation makes no sense.

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    The iPad was a net +4 "dots" higher than Samsung. But then, cost is probably weighted 90%, and the other 5 categories are weighted 2% each.

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    This smells kinda fishy still, did Samsung pay of the media again?

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    Another way of saying we pick who we want..shut up! Well, when you are perfect in all but one category but one and still outscore in plain print..you really have to wonder about the viability of this test.

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    Sorry, JD, but your explanation requires explanation.

    TWO of the five categories Apple scored two "circles" better. And yet you stated "its score was only marginally better than Samsung's". *IF* the difference was marginal, I'd like to see the circles being a MAXIMUM of one apart (see Performance and Ease of Use) and possibly the same number.

    For an organization focusing on reviews, feedback, scoring and publication of results, this is a potentially misleading and undoubtedly horribly lacking "presentation".
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    So a Cadillac vs a Ford Taurus
    or a Lincoln Navigator vs Chevy minivan
    means JD would pick the Taurus over the Cadillac and the minivan over the Navigator in Customer satisfaction. Remind me to never consult them when looking to buy anything.

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    Another "trusted" rater bites the dust. I'll never use them for reference or trust their comments. You can't come up with a BS explanation like that and expect to have anyone's respect. You, JDP, are a joke now.

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    "n the case of Apple, although they did score higher on four out of five factors measured, its score was only marginally better than Samsung's. At the same time, however, Apple's score on cost was significantly lower than that of all other brands"

    Something very fishy here. They say Apple was only marginally better, but Apple beat Samsung by 2 circles on two of the four they beat Samsung in. Also, in price, Samsung only beat Apple by 2 circles! So I guess what they're saying is, two circles difference for Apple is marginally better, but only 2 for Samsung is significantly better?

    Oh wait, I see how they side-stepped this problem. For some reason when deciding between the two clear frontrunners, they didn't compare Apple's price satisfaction to Samsung. instead, they compared them to "all others", meaning the Kindle since that's the only one that had more than 2 difference on price! So they compared Samsung to Apple on everything but price, in which they threw out Samsung and substituted the Kindle score.

    Talk about picking and choosing comparisons and results to bend the truth! these guys should be running political campaigns next!

    Overall, it seems like they were using Samsung Tab series for price satisfaction and Samsung Note for everything else, because The Tabs are cheaper, but much much weaker than the iPads in performance, whereas the Notes are more competitive performance but MORE expensive than the iPads!
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    And JDP has lost all credibility in my book. I've owned and used several android tablets (including Samsung) and while they collect dust my iPad is used almost as frequently as my iPhone.
    Noobus Majorus thanks are welcome <---

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    Livin the iPhone Life
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    In other news JD Power's largest share holder is, Samsung.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrteacup View Post
    in other news jd power's largest share holder is, samsung.
    agreed! Xd

    This survey might show that " You get what you pay for!"

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