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Something about this ain't right. I have a 64 Gb (59.5 GB) windows tablet running Windows 8 and a fresh install with a few basic programs installed andI still have 45.5 GB free. I am only using 14 GB. I think MMi had failed to check facts just to generate Windows hate.
You're running Windows 8 RT which is stripped-down tablet/phone version of Windows 8. The Surface Pro will be running the same version of Windows 8 as a full blown PC/Laptop.

Now I do agree that Windows 8 (yes even RT) and even Android (Phone or Tablet) have a lot of advantages over iPad's iOS such as the ability to store documents and other "Real World" computing content locally on your device. I mean sure Cloud Computing is nice but we're still a long way from ensuring a completely reliable connection to that cloud all of the time.

i love the fact that Windows 8 tablets not limited by RT can run EVERY app a PC/Laptop can. just imagine if your iPad could runn all of your Mac apps...