Apple and Time Magazine collaborated on a fantastic example of cooperative advertising, even if the ad does blur the line between editorial responsibility and the business side of a reputable publication.

The ad itself is clever in its simplicity. On the back cover the iPad mini sits against a white background with the current Time issue displayed on the iPad mini as it would appear when being viewed via Apple’s Newsstand. The only text in the ad is the iPad mini logo position just to the left of the device.

Redditor Royal-w-Cheese posted photos of the ad last night, which is reminiscent of a cover-clone ad in this week’s New Yorker. This type of cross-collaboration between the editorial and advertising arms of noted journalistic publications is becoming increasingly common. Even a few years ago an ad like this would have been scoffed at, especially by Time who has famously held a strict separation between editorial decisions and the business side of the Magazine.

However, Apple appears to have overcome any objections and produced one of the more refreshing consumer electronic print ads in some time. And, Time gets to advertise its presence on Apple’s iPad Newsstand. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a slippery slope for Time and other publications scrambling to save the solvency of their publications.

Source: TUAW