The U.S. carriers AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have announced that they will begin selling Apple’s newest 4G LTE iPads today. Sprint did warn that initial supply will be constrained as demand for the tablets continue to outstrip supply. According to Sprint, customers who aren’t able to purchase their tablets on Friday will have the option to buy a $50 gift card to guarantee a spot on the telecom’s reservation list, with the money being put towards the cost of the device upon arrival.

LTE-equipped models of both the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad will be offered with month-to-month plans, meaning there will be no subsidy, however existing smartphone subscribers can add the tablet to their plan at a discounted rate of $10 for 100MB and $15 for 1GB. For those of you who are wondering, regular monthly data plans range from $14.99 for 300MB of data and go up to $79.99 for 12GB, with Sprint online stores noting that the activation fee for all 3G and 4G LTE tablets will be waived.

Customers who previously preordered the cellular-capable iPad mini in October began receiving shipments of the tablet on Thursday. Roughly one week after Apple sent out emails saying the devices would be arriving in five business days.

AT&T previously announced that it would be offering a $100 “promotional discount” for Apple’s new LTE-enabled iPads purchased with a two-year service agreement. According to Glenn Lurie, the president of Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships at AT&T Mobility, “our customers are increasingly connecting their devices to the mobile internet and our new Mobile Share plans allow them to add a tablet for just 10 dollars a month. We’re thrilled to offer iPad mini to our customers on the nation’s largest 4G network.”

Verizon is said to also be selling the iPad mini at its stores today but the company hasn’t issue a formal announcement as of yet. It should be noted that the iPad mini is available for sale on Verizon’s website though.

As if it wasn’t obvious already, the LTE-capable iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad will of course also be available in Apple’s retail stores as of today.

Are any of you picking up your iPad mini in stores today?

Source: AppleInsider