The iPad mini fell victim to a pretty big crime this week in New York. Law enforcement officials at JFK International Airport say that a bundle of the new pint-sized Apple tablets were stolen by criminals from the exact same cargo building featured in a prominent heist scene in “GoodFellas.”

The New York Post was first to report the crime, which allegedly resulted in the pilfering of $1.5 million worth of iPads. The thieves made their move and completed their dirty work shortly after midnight on Monday. And how is this for brazen? They reportedly used the airport’s own forklift to unload the craters of iPads onto their getaway truck.

In the end, the criminals had to leave a lot of iPads behind because they simply couldn't make off with all of them.
"Investigators, suspecting an inside job, have been questioning airport workers and given three of them polygraph tests," a source tells the New York Post.

As of this writing, the suspects are still at large. And they are still thought to be in possession of some 3,600 iPad minis.

Source: New York Post