Many people are always on the lookout for any savings they can get when it comes to buying high priced items. Apple products are no exception here but one thing to keep in mind is to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. When Jelonta Freeman was approached in a gas station parking lot by a stranger offering to sell her a $200 iPad, she jumped at the opportunity. She thought the offer was “too good to be true” as the Texas woman handed over $200 cash to the man. When paying for the device, she was told the iPad was worth $800 and that he was giving her an excellent deal.

Once the stranger received the money, he quickly drove off and left Jelonta and her sister to open and fiddle around with their new purchase. Little did they both know that upon opening the packaging, they weren’t greeted with the tablet they had expected, instead what they ended up paying for was a mirror covered with duct tape.

Aside from a brief moment of silence for stupidity, all we can do is give blatantly obvious advice suggesting the use of logic and common sense when it comes to purchasing items, especially when they are items worth several hundred dollars. Furthermore, the credibility of someone selling you something in the gas station parking lot isn’t exactly high, so that is something you may want to skip considering all together.

Source: Huffington Post