After debuting Windows 8 on Thursday, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky offered his view of the PC industry, stating that PCs represent a great value when compared to “recreational tablets” alluding to Apple’s new iPad mini. Sinofsky ended up telling AllThingsD that Microsoft has been able to work with its hardware partners to drive down the prices low enough to where students can get a computer good enough to last them through college.

According to Sinofsky, “These are fantastic machines. It’s $279. Here we are, talking about seven-inch recreational tablets for $329.” (The fantastic machine he was referring to was one of the many reasonably-priced Windows 8 laptops shown at Microsoft’s event). Although he didn’t refer to the $329 device by its name, he was referring to the iPad mini of course, which went up for pre-order just yesterday. The pricing was originally considered to be a bit on the high side but the pre-orders for all white and silver models sold out after being available for less than one hour.

Microsoft claims that it manages to offer laptops at prices below that of tablets because “it’s not just discounting. It’s engineering work that drives the cost down.” The new operating system is seen as a significant release by Microsoft as it attempts to bridge the gap between tablets and PCs. Sinofsky did admit that Windows 8 can’t be everything to all people despite being seen as a “PC for everyone.” Sinofsky also took the time to defend against Cook’s comments about the Surface being “compromised and confusing.” He said that while the iPad may be well-suited for something like a short getaway, Microsoft’s Surface can “suffice” on longer business trips.

We’ll have to see what consumers think of devices when they reach the hands of the public.

Source: AllThingsD