According to a report by The Guardian, the upcoming small form factored iPad, otherwise known as the iPad Mini, will not be offered in a 3G-capable version. This report counters the previously released “leaked” parts that clearly showed the black plastic RF panel in the Apple tablet (which points towards cellular-connectivity). The move is one that is said to be a cost-saving measure since 3G wireless connectivity not only increases the up-front cost of the device but also pushes for a monthly fee for data access.

Speculation all points towards highly suspecting that Apple would make such a move to deny the “iPad Mini” the option of cellular connectivity, although we still have yet to see how the company plans to market the device. The same sources also mentioned that Apple is likely to release an updated version of the third-generation iPad, which will adopt the iPhone 5’s baseband chip to offer support for additional 4G support. It’s likely we’ll see Apple’s new Lightning connector as well, with people saying that Apple will continue to expand the new plug’s implementation across future mobile device releases.

Apple’s A6 system on a chip is also rumored to be released as part of the coming refresh of the 9.7-inch iPad as well. It was reported just recently that an unknown iPad running an A6 series processor was found in developer’s access logs. Something like this points towards the possibility of Apple internally testing a refreshed iteration of the iPad.
We’ll find out soon enough as Apple is said to make an announcement in the month of October.

Source: The Guardian