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Thread: New iPad Models Discovered in iOS Developer Logs Hint at "iPad mini"

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    Default New iPad Models Discovered in iOS Developer Logs Hint at "iPad mini"

    According to Marco Arment’s recent blog post, a pair of unknown iPad models which bear the designations “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6” were found in Instapaper’s developer logs. The app’s creator believes the two devices could be Apple’s highly rumored 7-inch tablet. As a side note, Arment also said the following about another fact he discovered; “There were also a few iPhone5.1 devices, but that’s not a surprise – that’s almost certainly next month’s new GSM iPhone.”

    Although the developer concedes that the unknown “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6” identifiers could possibly be spoofed, he has “never had a device show up [on the logs] that didn’t end up being a real, about-to-be-released Apple device.” Arment went on to explain that when Apple first launched the iPad 2 in 2011, the Wi-Fi, GSM, and CDMA versions were all tagged with internal designations iPad 2,1; iPad 2,2; and iPad 2,3; respectively. Another example he provided was with the release of the New iPad in March, where Apple unveiled a quietly updated iPad 2 Wi-Fi model with a new A5 processor manufactured on the 32nm process, which was identified as the “iPad 2,4.”

    There is a possibility that the new “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6” devices could possibly be the GSM and CDMA versions of the iPad carrying the 32nm A5 chip but the developer shared his thoughts that the a move like that is unlikely due to the unusual late time period of the product’s lifecycle. If the unknown device ends up being a smaller iPad, the Apple-assigned identifiers suggest that the iPad mini is effectively an iPad 2 with an A5 processor and 512MB of RAM according to Arment. He clarified that “This is all speculation, of course, but I’m convinced: like the leaked Dock connector, this move is so ingenious that it’s most likely to be what Apple has really done.”

    We’ll have to wait and see what turns out to be true when more concrete information is revealed. As for now, the “iPad mini” is said to be announced at a special event in October.

    Source: Marco Arment (blog)

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    if its possible to spoof the devices identifier why don't apple just spoof the new ones instead of giving away information about upcoming releases?

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    I think the 'latter' is more believable since its still bears the 'ipad2' reference

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    Forget the Ipad mini i get samsung galaxy note 2 it's awasome.

    Forget the Ipad mini i get the samsung galaxy note 2 it's awesome.

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    Im always in awe about how Apple can keep these secrets for so long. Im dying to see a leaked pic of this "mini iPad"...come on Modmyi..get me a pic :]

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