Apple recently released a new iPad TV commercial featuring the third-generation tablet’s Retina display along with a slew of apps available for the device through the iOS App Store. The presentation of the product is in a style that is quite different from the previously shown “Genius” ads which were shown at the start of the Olympics and seemed to receive negative criticism. You can watch the iPad commercial below:

The new commercial puts an emphasis on the New iPad’s high resolution Retina display, with close-up shots of the device bedded under terse, tight voice over dialogue, much like the company’s other recent iDevice ads. Aside from Apple’s first-party apps such as FaceTime, the new commercial shows off iOS 5’s system-wide Twitter integration as well as the AirPlay functionality that is offered. The popular payment service, Square, which allows small business owners to make credit card transactions directly on an iPad with a magnetic card reader and dongle, also seemed to get a nod in the commercial.

Apple’s new ad marks the switch the Cupertino California company’s making back to the simple, product-oriented commercials seen before the controversial “Genius” campaign launched during NBC’s Olympic coverage. The previous three-spot series aired an Apple Genius helping customers in outlandish scenarios, a mix that caused the ads to miss their mark and raise the ire of critics who said the spots weren’t up to Apple’s high standards. It was previously reported that Apple would no longer be airing the Genius ads during the Olympic games, but it wasn’t made clear whether the commercials would find their way back later this fall. Either way, the new commercial showcasing the New iPad seems like it is here to stay for a while.

Source: Apple (YouTube)