Apple made quite the big deal about utilizing the iPad 2 as a product information display as part of the Apple Store overhaul last year. Utilizing the iPad as an interactive display or kiosk hasn’t been lost on the rest of the retail world, which is why Lilitab’s iPad kiosk might become common place.

The Lilipab Standard is a simple and portable. The white design won’t fit everywhere, and looks more porcelain than high-tech. But, the iPad appears secure, and according to TUAW is easily installed. The base plate can be bolted to floor, just in case store owners or event operators need to fend off nefarious patrons and customers.

The front-plate that secures the iPad can even come with or without a camera hole, as well as with or without a hole for access to the home button. All of this is held in place with security screws, and can be accessed or changed with a supplied Allen wrench. The ability to limit access to the home button allows merchants and even operators to lock in the App desire app without fear of it switching. A nice design touch is the conscious effort to keep metal away from the iPad’s RF antennas.

Those worried about their iPad dying during the middle of the day will need to supply their own iPad AC adapter and Apple charger extension cord. According to TUAW this is the only tricky part of the installation.

The ability to get branding kits from Lilitab add a level of customization to the mix, but I’m sure the DIY people out there will have a field day with this kiosk. The kiosk comes in white or black and retails for $495.

Source: TUAW