Earlier today reports surfaced that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission wanted Apple to drop the “4G” from its iPad advertisements in Australia. Apple has complied, and has offered Australian customers the option of returning their 4G iPads if they feel they were duped.

In case you missed the article this morning, the whole controversy stems from Apple advertising 4G connection speeds as a feature of the new iPad in Australia when none of the 4G networks in Australia support the new iPad.

Today Apple’s lawyers argued it was never specified the iPad could connect to Telstra’s network, but told the court the device is compatible with other networks that by international standards are deemed 4G. Apple has agreed to publish a clarification that states the product supports ultra-fast mobile networks but is not compatible with the Telstra network. The company says it will email purchasers offering a refund if they believe they have been mislead. Clarifications will also be made at point of sale. Apple has entered into discussions with the watchdog and will return to the Melbourne Federal Court this afternoon.
The settlement seems kind pointless considering Apple already lets customers return iPads in 14 days no questions asked. Still, the whole marketing gimmick that is 4G needs to stop, especially if AT&T can claim their HSPA+ network is 4G.

Source: 9to5Mac