If you are an old-school RPG fan, than you are probably already aware that an enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate was announced earlier this month by developers Overhaul Games. There seems to be even better news for those of you who are RPG fans and iPad owners as the developers announced that the enhanced version is also set to release on the iPad. The game will be out on Apple’s tablet at the same time as its PC release. Furthermore, it will even include all of the updates and new content found on the PC platform as well.

The game is set to include full integration of the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack along with all the improvements and additions found in the PC version. The title is confirmed to be running on the refined Baldur’s Gate II Infinity Engine, giving gamers the opportunity to experience the "original adventure with the sequel’s refined graphics options and other engine tweaks."

Overhaul also promised that the enhanced edition of the game will be featuring brand-new story driven content including more quests and a new party member. Although the finer details of what is going to be offered is still a secret, the company has promised that the additional story content will make its way onto the iPad along with intuitive touch-friendly menus and buttons in the interface to make the game an enjoyable one on a tablet.

For those of you who are already eager to play the game, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until this summer for its release.

Source: IGN