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I'm one of these people (not literally) I bought an iPad 2 & personally I don't see the point in the screen, if I were buying a new one the. Yeah I may go for the 399 model or just buy another iPad 2 for 329, as the screen doesnt do it for me, the iPad 2 screen looks lovely & works perfectly fine.

Only problem I see with the new iPad is app sizes increasing dramatically so 16GBs won't be enough anymore.
I could have bought the iPad 2 in January thanks to a gift card, but the screen bothered my eyes. (So does my 2009 MacBook pro and old 20" cinema display.)
I waited, which was very difficult, and the enhanced display really does help me out. I'm prone to headaches and sometimes have them every day. They seem to be occurring less while I use my new iPad instead of my MacBook/display or BF's iPad two.

I can see a big difference easily. Maybe it depends on visual acuity, but I am glad I waited. Actually, I wouldn't have bough an iPad 2 knowing how headache-y BF's left me. I even got glasses recently hoping it would help. The screen of the new iPad is definitely easier on my eyes though.