FaceTime, Apple’s very own video chatting solution for their iDevice and Mac owners, is available on the new iPad. Just like all the rest of Apple’s devices, unfortunately, we won’t be able to use it over the cellular networks like 4G LTE, which the iPad has just started to support. Like all of Apple's other devices, the new iPad will require you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to send out or to receive FaceTime calls.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as cellular providers are constantly trying to reduce their consumers’ data usage to keep their networks running as quickly and optimally as possible. It saves them money by keeping from having to upgrade their networks and putting pressure on the users instead.

4G LTE is fast. It can be much faster than 3G (which was never really that slow to begin with) and it even tops some of our home Wi-Fi networks in speed. Jailbreak tweaks have shown us that FaceTime is perfectly capable over 3G and even Edge. It’s entirely unfortunate that the 4G network speeds won’t be taken advantage of for this feature, however some competitors in the App Store such as Skype or Tango do allow you to video chat over a cellular network.

Perhaps when the jailbreak comes out for the new iPad, we will be able to unlock FaceTime over 4G LTE. For the most part, FaceTime isn’t used that often and it’s a moot feature. That being said, this probably won’t get in the way of people’s lives or keep them from being able to use the new iPad in all of its glory.

Sources: 9to5Mac