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Thread: The New iPad Benchmarked: Specs Revealed

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    Quote Originally Posted by vantheman169 View Post
    Oh your just SPECULATING! I am sure once the iPad is released and everyone has their hands on it, there will be more benchmark videos and comparisons than our hearts desire. But you can't possibly sit there and say what the iPad is going to do and act like you know how well it will perform when you or just about NOBODY has even seen or touched or used the iPad (3rd Gen) in real life.
    no i stated it because a dutch press guy who had been at the apple event said so, and they all got 45 minutes playtime with the ipad.
    the original article is here: Hands-on: Apples nieuwste iPad | Tot slot | Electronics | Reviews
    it was written bij arnoudwokke who later comments (google translate)
    It is not all that slow. He seems as fast as the iPhone 2, but when performing some tasks he can just not keep up - as also the hands-on state. So what exactly is going on, we must examine if we get review sample later this month
    There are ways during a brief hands-on for about tablet to the utmost to exaggerate actions quickly, quickly scroll through a lot of graphics, quickly zoom in and out on photos and other such matters. These are things I always during a hands-on output if it is possible.

    Browsing is simply not to be tested: the iPads that there were, hung on HSPA + or a separate Wi-Fi network and browsing you are, mostly to the connection speed to watch.

    I suspect that the other journalists present, including Joshua Topolsky The Verge (of whom I rarely heard a cautionary note in the hands-on of an Apple product), the new iPhone to the utmost to drift.

    I was curious about it specifically, because the gpu a minor upgrade seems to have had over the screen. And because the gpu the elements in the interface controls, something that seemed to good to try. Indeed, if you click around a bit and nothing else does, there is little to worry about. I hope everyone in the reviews coming weeks is going to see what the impact of the resolution on the performance of the iPad, because I am very curious.
    later he also states that he was able to reproduce this effect on all 3 sample ipads that were at the apple press event

    I hope that clarify's that I'm not just a rambling apple hater and that I checked sources first before being a bit negative about the third gen ipad
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    Quote Originally Posted by JedixJarf View Post
    Honestly who cares if it has a higher screen res than a console, consumer grade TV's are only 1080p and the graphics processor in the consoles will still spank the A5X.
    Ha. Your right. That's why it can't run mw3 inn full 1080p and. Can't display full hd for battle field 3 and do u own a ruler. Obviously u don't see that there is about a 3 inch size difference in thickness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norb View Post
    You should make that, I'm sure you will make billions... or you'll just end up being just like the other failed tablet products with no sense of direction.
    I don't get what do you mean by that?????? obviously the ipad is an already very established product which would make it the ultimate tablet if it had those features. Now that I've seen the new ipad's screen, even samsung's super AMOLED pales in comparison.

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