RadioShack started accepting pre-orders for the “new iPad” bestowing them with the honor of being the first company outside of Apple to start selling the device.

Apple began accepting pre-orders for the new iPad almost immediately after announcing the device. Delivery times for some new iPad model pre-orders made directly through Apple have already slipped three days back from the initial launch date of March 16th (the 16GB 4G and 64GB 4G models). RadioShack beat Best Buy, and even AT&T and Verizon retail locations to the pre-order punch. The other retailers have yet to announce when they’ll begin accepting orders for the new iPad.

However, in true RadioShack this-seems-too-good-to-be-true fashion the actual pre-order process is quite suspicious. Buyers must purchase a $50 gift card before they can pre-order the new iPad. The $50 gift-card caveat seems odd, especially since buyers can use the card toward the price of the new iPad. All pre-orders must be done at physical RadioShack retail store, and all locations will stop accepting pre-orders on Monday, March 12.

Retailers outside of RadioShack have been rather mum regarding their potential new iPad stock. Teh possibility that RadioShack is accepting pre-orders without knowing how much inventory they’ll actually have on launch day is a definite possibility. Look for other retailers to release details on the new iPad’s launch-day availability soon.

Source: AppleInsider