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Thread: AT&T: Yeah... About That 4G Tethering With the New iPad

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    I am amazed how the perception of Verizon vs AT&T is so slanted to Verizon. I have FiOS and if it had an equal competitor on TV image, I would dump Verizon. There CS has been a giant pain in my rear. AT&T for me has had great customer service.

    Yes I am not happy on the throttling but look at cost. Verizon offers less data at a higher price point. I would bet we will see tethering in the near future with AT&T to compete with Verizon.

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    Not really sure what the big deal is..if you own an iPad you more than likely have an iPhone. Tether with that and stop the tears yikes. We already knew Verizon had the jump on 4G. They were one of the 1st companies to tout it. We also know we are far off from actual 4G. Can't wait till it becomes a reality. In the meantime take a # and wait like everyone else.

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    It's much, much cheaper to buy the Wifi version and get a Wifi Hotspot device.

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    I can't help but feel like a lot of this is bickering just for the sake of principle. I can see why you'd want iPad tethering if you don't have an iPhone, or Internet access at home. But when is that EVER the case?
    All the iPad speed tests I've seen show AT&T stomping Verizon. Same goes for iPhones, at least in my area. Is the ability to tether (using a slower data service at that) really more important than faster speeds on the actual device? Keep in mind that Verizon's mid-range data plan offers a gig less for the same cost as well. Verizon is fortunate to have a better reputation over the years, and I can understand why. I had an iPhone back in the day when you used to have to go to a buggy website and write a name and password just to see a picture message because AT&T wasn't prepared to handle MMS. And the picture looked like crap when you finally were able to get it to load (if you were even lucky enough to). We waited a good while for that to be solved. It was a nightmare. They're much better now but they really still should be investing more money on improving infrastructure and the network. Adds aren't going to convince customers that your network is good as much as having a good network will! But I think in this instance, AT&T is still a better bet for the new iPad, and the more that people flock to Verizon the more true that becomes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PorthosPirate View Post
    Strange, I have been told by 2 separate reps that Tethering will be permitted at the $50/5GB plan
    Trust me. The reps in an AT&T store are about as stupid as my dog when it comes to the future.
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