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Thread: Bloomberg: Next iPad Will Have LTE, Quad Core Processor, Hi-Res Screen

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    Default Bloomberg: Next iPad Will Have LTE, Quad Core Processor, Hi-Res Screen

    When Bloomberg says it, you know its more than just a rumor... you know?

    Bloomberg reports via their Twitter that the next iPad has started production. It will have LTE (long term evolution) access which means that it will finally support the 4G network that many of you have been wanting forever on iOS devices. We hope very much that Apple has found a way to keep battery life looking up and high even with the power-guzzling 4G access. We know that Apple has kept with 3G for battery reasons and they chose to stick with 3G HSPA+ on AT&T's network because it uses the less power-hungry 3G chip while still reaching the same speeds or at least near 4G network speeds.

    With this news, Bloomberg also confirms a quad core processor that is faster than the current iPad 2's dual core A5 processor. It is likely that it will be dubbed the A6 processor, but the iPad 3 (or whatever it might be named) will have mostly the same design as the iPad 2. The aluminum curved backing and the slim form factor will be present. We don't know what the clock speeds of the new processor will be, but being a quad core processor, Apple will have wiggle room to keep the clock speeds the same or lower than the A5 while still achieving better speeds than the current A5 dual core processor.

    The last thing that Bloomberg has confirmed is a higher resolution display than the current iPad 2 has. We don't know if the screen will just be 'hi-res' like the screens that you can get with MacBook Pro laptops, or if it will support a retina display. What we do know is that the higher resolution will require a better GPU (graphics processing unit) and will therefore use more battery life than the iPad 2 currently does. Yet another reason that we are hoping for a much better battery.

    Bloomberg wasn't very descriptive in their tweets, being quick as not to release too much information, but they cite that the information comes from three people who are familiar with the iPad 3 device that is being produced. We don't know if it will be called the iPad 3 or the iPad 2S, but time will tell. The heat is on Bloomberg if they are wrong.

    If the next iPad has LTE, a quad core processor, a higher resolution screen, and better battery will you be buying it? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Bloomberg
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