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Thread: Adobe Compromise Will Finally Bring Flash Video Streaming to iOS

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
    Uh the removable battery lets you take a drained battery out and drop a fully charged battery in it. No waiting for it to charge from the wall. I wish, but already know that Apple will not implement this and it sucks.
    Thanks for clearing that up. I was unaware what a removable battery was. </sarcasm> I never said I didn't know what the benefits of a replaceable battery were...I simply said that in my 10+ years of using one (a cell phone) I've never needed a new battery.

    To each his own...but you are the only person I know who keeps two batteries for his phone. Everyone else I've known simply charges their phone overnight.

    Do you always have your back-up battery with you? If not, what do you do when you're away from home and your battery dies? I imagine you charge it in your car like everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AUZambo View Post
    Also, a general question to the rest of you iPhone/iPad users, how often do you actually hit a brick wall on the internet because that site requires flash? In my 3 years of iPhone usage it's happened fewer than 10 times (and that's an overestimate).
    Same here and well under 10 times.
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    as a former android user... Flash wasnt so awesome that it kept me from switching to iPhone... it would be a nice bonus and this is definitely progress.... I will take it

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    i heard that orignal ipad could be used to run flash (frash was there thought to prove that) and ipad 3 will run flash on mobile safari ? is it true ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by adityadx View Post
    i heard that orignal ipad could be used to run flash (frash was there thought to prove that) and ipad 3 will run flash on mobile safari ? is it true ?
    Extremely doubtful. Jobs has been so adamant about not including flash iOS that if he were to suddenly allow it he would look like a fool.

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    I think flash is a great idea to add even though i have frash.Half the reason why people bother jailbreaking iphone is for things like flash so why cant apple get these features added that were all trying to get and its forcing us to jailbreak our device.And does this mean Flash Iphone Developers can now publish apps in the App Store?

    There are lots of things i love about iOS but hate the restrictions.I myself am switching to a Mac soon just so i can develop apps because flash cs5 isnt getting me anywhere.


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    Is this update available to be implemented yet? I posted a message in hopes comedy central will update this soon.

    Adobe compromise will finally bring flash video streaming - The Daily Show Forum

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