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Thread: Best Buy Officially Halts iPad 2 Sales, Denies Bad Apple Relationship

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    Best Buy routinely does this for many products. For example, in 2006 and much of 2007, when they would put the Wii console in their ads, they would say "minimum XX per store." Some weeks it was 10, some weeks is was 30, and so on. What that meant was that they could sell Wii consoles they received during the week as soon as they received them as long as they held enough for Sunday when the ad would go into effect. They did this so that stores would not sell out the moment the truck arrives and leave none for the customers responding to the Sunday ad. I'm not sure why they felt it was important enough to advertise and then make special arrangements to cater to those responding if they were going to sell out either way. Just sell out and advertise "shipments arriving all week!"

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    LOL The probably are cause they know people will wait for the iPad2. What BETTER way to make them wait even longer, then to mislead people so that they can get their products on the floor quicker.LMAO!!! Such Poor Tactics on Best Buys and all those "WHOM" maybe involved lol
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    I feel sorta bad about it, but Boy do I love reading articles like this on my iPad 2!

    Anyways, seems like Apple might've blown up too much in the first place, and they might've realized that and are now trying to cover up their injuries. Hmm Great fun
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    My local BB had two.iPad 2s in stock on Wednesday but wouldn't sell me either due to what they said was an order from Apple. I checked back.Thursday and Friday and they said the same story. I believe it for sure now.

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    That's what she said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnr9412 View Post
    I feel sorta bad about it, but Boy do I love reading articles like this on my iPad 2
    Me too!!!!!

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    Was a misunderstanding....employee was told to hold back on selling only because it was going to be part of an ad...and you know customers who can't wait...wrote an email in reference to their impatience to carried away...normal best buy protocol...anything best buy gets posted to yahoo financial...anything
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    I work for the Geek Squad. Best Buy can now sell iPad 2 inventory AFTER fulfilling reservations.

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    **** bestbuy! will not shop at bestbuy anymore

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    Your loss...

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    I wonder if the writers will take this thread down or at least make it credible?

    Also, what is the deal with all the best buy haters? Has Best Buy done something to people that I don't know about?

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    Well this article is just a little false. Apple and bestbuy claim rumors stating this were exaggerated. Plus bestbuy is still selling them

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    Exaggerated or not, this must be some great PR/damage control on both Apple and BB. Or Apple is playing us all again, creating artificial demand (even when they don't need to).

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    Mine just came in. Order day after release at BB in Reston. Looks like they are still at least getting some shipments.

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