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Thread: What a Steve Jobs Appearance Would Mean for Apple's March 2 Event

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    It's funny how everyone used to talk **** about Steve, but now everyone loves him. He is and always will be one of the best CEOs the world has ever seen.

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    So many people don't realize that without this guy there would be no iPhone, thus there would be no android phones, no windows phone 7 phones...Remember what the old touchscreen phones used to be like ? I used to have an HP iPAQ...I gave it away for free last year that's how "good" it was.
    Without Steve, Apple will go "down the sh*tter" to quote him from a few years one has the guts to put his foot down and risk introducing something new and revolutionary because they're all busy counting their money and them risking losing some of that money makes them wet themselves a little so they'd rather not take that chance...Android and Windows Phone 7 are just different types of revisions inspired by iOS features...

    I hope he will be there tomorrow even briefly.

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    Well it's my birthday tomorrow and I need this event streamed live !

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    I'm definitely looking forward to the iPad announcement. I've thinking of getting one. Rather Steve is there or not is of no consequence to me. I hope he gets better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by politicalslug View Post
    Regardless of Steve's health, he should refrain from attending the event in order to show both consumers and Apple shareholders that the future management team is fully capable of running the company smoothly in the absence of Mr. Jobs.
    They do this by marching out a COO who is 5 years younger than Jobs? I agree with your principle, but I don't think Tim Cook sends out that message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    Well it's my birthday tomorrow and I need this event streamed live !
    Cool! Original iPad was announced on my birthday last year!

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    Steve Jobs. a name that means something
    Common Sense Its Not So Common

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdm.accord View Post
    I'm with you on this. I'm really worried what will happen to Apple when Steve is no longer in charge (health or otherwise). Cook was blabbing his mouth about iPhone variations (pre-paid, etc.) just last week. I'd hate to have Apple become like HTC where the world knows 3 solid months in advance of what your "big" release is going to be.
    We know what this release is going to be and have known it for months. The only thing we didn't know is the date...

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    Quote Originally Posted by leathelisor View Post
    We know what this release is going to be and have known it for months. The only thing we didn't know is the date...
    No, you knew it was due for a refresh like the MBP last week and the MBA last year. We know the iP5 announcement is coming at WWDC as well. There is a big difference between knowing a refresh is coming and seeing the actual product several months in advance (HTC).

    With the rare exception of last year's "stolen" iP4 debacle, we never see pics or actual specs on what is coming. Half the MBP rumored specs from last week were wrong.

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    Ya him showing up is key. The company is in a stage of huge growth and as a share holder, I would be really concerned if he was not there.

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    Steve Jobs for PRESIDENTE.

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