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Thread: March 2 Event Rumor Roundup

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    The iPad is not suppose to b a laptop replacement. It's the middle road between a cheap netbook that's good for only typing and web browsing and a notebook that's good for more. I do agree that typing a paper on it is not doable for sanity reasons. *cough* Bluetooth keyboard. *cough*
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    Regardless if it's the intro to iPad 2 or 4.3...I'm looking forward to the spectacle.

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    Lol@ everyone who thought iPad 2 would have a high-res display. You have way to much faith in Apple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayvidpriddy View Post
    Yea what exactly am I missing out on again? It's an oversized iPhone that actually lets you read text more easier, same apps for both devices for the most part and it's not a real computer (you can't install regular computer software on it) and it does nearly nothing that my notebook does...what exactly is one missing again by not owning an iPad? All of these "pads" are a waste of money...I mean how do you even type on a glass screen where you can't physically feel the keys (and I'm not talking text messages or quick 1 liner E-Mails either!?) God help someone writing a term paper on one...

    NO THANKS, I think I'll stick to the real computer! My 17.3" 1080p notebook...the one that long played photos and videos before the iPad and the one that does everything else the iPad can't and will probably never be able to do lol...

    Seriously folks, stop wasting your money on junk!...if you have a notebook you already have an iPad and that goes for any of the other copy cats out there.
    dont hate man, the ipad is the perfect device if you have the money, its not the needed item. i have an iphone ipad and macbook. the app are not the same at all. ipad apps are much more capable than iphone apps. yea some aren't ported over but its mostly misc apps. yea i agree its not a real computer, but then again no said its supposed to be. And go into an Apple store and type on the ipad, its great, learn where the alpha keys are at and youll notice its the same on the ipad
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!

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