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Thread: FDA Approves Groundbreaking Radiology App for iPad, iPhone

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    While this is cool and all, this really doesn't help the people who actually READ and INTERPRET CT, MR, US, and plain films...the Radiologists. The above heart surgeon was probably called by the radiologist (or ER doc notified by the radiologist).

    Your doctor may read films, but they most certainly wait for the official read from the radiologist.

    This is cool for the patients in that they could see the imaging

    Oh, and P.S. - The media interpretation of radiologists is so wrong I don't even know where to start...
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    I wonder if this will make doctors more lazy.

    "@DrCharles via TwitterFeed: the following of my patients have cancer: #SorryForTheBadNews"

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    I can imagine that not only would the image quality be an issue, but, as some previous posters commented, so would image integrity (control changes to images), image authentication (who has access and made changes to images) and anything else specified in HIPAA laws.

    If they've met all that, that's some pretty big hurdles.

    I look forward to my doctor diagnosing me from the 8th hole on whatever golf course he happens to be at.

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    i'm a radiologist and this is really good for us..hope my hospital adopts this at the earliest.

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    Default Bad idea!
    Damn I had to come back and edit this...I was way off lol! I thought the app worked with the camera on the device to take x-rays. As in ordinary people could be taking x-rays of themselves...I was like wtf is the FDA thinking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexevo View Post
    I wonder if this will make doctors more lazy.

    "@DrCharles via TwitterFeed: the following of my patients have cancer: #SorryForTheBadNews"
    Please define "more Lazy'

    I went through 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, worked every other or every third night through 5 years of general surgery residency and 2 years of cardiothoracic fellowship. I work every day, get called throughout most nights and take call every other weekend.

    Please define "more lazy",,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirTimothy1 View Post
    I bet we will be seeing this on House soon.
    thats what i was thinking, they use apple for their computers on the show and i bet they're dying to show this off now
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!

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