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Thread: Jammit Letís You Learn Songs with Original Multi-track Recordings

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    Default Jammit Letís You Learn Songs with Original Multi-track Recordings

    MMi Live @ MacWorld

    Anyone whoís ever picked up a guitar wishes they could play like their favorite rock star legend. Jammit aims to help you get a little bit closer to that dream by giving you access to original recording artistís multi-track recordings. Jammit should be released soon and when it is, itíll be a free download, but 3-song packs will cost you $9.99.

    ďFor the first time, you can isolate the elements that you want to hear in your favorite recordings. Now you can learn to play them accurately with the aid of slow mode, phrase looping and digital transcriptions.Ē

    These are all fully licensed songs from the original recordings artists. After talking to the Jammit rep, he informed me that they are currently in negotiations to acquire hundreds of more songs for people to learn to how to play.

    Jammit isnít just for guitar players either, the app works equally well for bass players, keyboardist, drummers and vocalists alike. The key to the app is its ability to isolate individual music tracks from the rest of the song. Then itís much easier to hear exactly what the original recording sounds like. Once you learn to play the part, you can then record your own part into the song and re-mix it as you like.

    Not too long ago, the thought of making music on a portable device would have been laughable. That is not so anymore. At this yearís Macworld expo there is a whole section devoted to making music. A large portion of the music section is devoted to iOS devices. With every generation of electronic device, musicians and producers have an ever-expanding array of tools at their disposal. The iPad is quickly becoming and indispensible tool for musicians everywhere.

    Source: Jammit
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    What's that track list looking like ?

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    This will be "make or break" based on what kind of track lineup they can pull together.

    It'd also be nice to see an integrated "tab" feature.

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    It would be cool if they would some how involve the music from your playlist

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    Cool app, but $9.99 for 3 songs? That's a lot
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    seems a little pricey even if the parts are separated for you but would be really cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
    Cool app, but $9.99 for 3 songs? That's a lot
    Or you could spend $15 for 3 books (one for each song, and only one instrument at a time) if they're on sale, and "wing it."

    No, for what you get, $9.99 is a steal.

    $9.99 < $5*X*3
    X is the number of instruments (lyrics can generally be gotten free online) you want the notes for
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