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Thread: Turn iPad into Virtual Turntable with djay

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    it works really well actually. i have the app and the usb peripheral, ipad is much easier to use. REALLY A FANTASTIC APP!

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    I just bought this App. ****** AMAZING! It's so fun!! easy to use, LOVE IT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmpetros View Post
    it works really well actually. i have the app and the usb peripheral, ipad is much easier to use. REALLY A FANTASTIC APP!
    I cannot find a single 1/8" stereo to mono splitter ANYWHERE. There's plenty of 1/4" ones out there. The one on the website directs me to eBay in Europe.

    I think this one will work in case anyone needs one in the USA.
    This is worthless over Airplay also... there's about a 3-4 second delay from the UI to the sound coming from the AppleTV... don't expect to do any mixing on the fly here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iSteed View Post
    Defiantly a cool app if your into mixing music

    *Definitely......haha just joking

    I dont mix music but I would definitely try this app...just for fun

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    I finally want an iPad now!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyRicky View Post

    Untethered Jailbreak in the next week, then I will get 4.2
    i kmow right , cant wait !

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    Default Not horrible
    Quote Originally Posted by DayumQuitPlayin View Post
    Well I have the app and seeing as how there's many buttons and features, I don't think an iPhone/iPod version would be a good device for it with how small the screen is compared to the iPad. Even if you were to use your thumbs, the app would be limited with what you can do other than scratching and mixing songs.
    I have the program on my MBP and I have used DJay remote in both my iPhone and iPad and while it isn't the same as using actual turntables, it is still a lot of fun. With some practice, it would great for house parties.

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    Default similar app
    Quote Originally Posted by 51504rock View Post
    Maybe for you but i would like to see this on the iphone. I can see me mix and scratch with my thumbs.
    There is a similar app in the app store for the iPhone and ipod touches, its called VirtualDeck by a developer called QuickDecay, and its only about $5.00.

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    very nice, u can do almost anything with the ipad!
    i would like my mom to give me hers.. cant afford an ipad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    OK there is one MASSIVE problem for real DJ's such as myself. The pitch control is backwards! On a real turntable or CD deck when you drag the pitch down the track speeds up... on this program it's opposite.
    Yeah that would mess me up big time as well.

    On another forum I'm on, some guy actually built a mixer and made an app that uses the iPads as an actually midi controller. Its insane! If you guys are interested I'll post the vid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulthoughts View Post
    I wonder how tough it is to use an onscreen fader?
    Truth. The fader is the most important feature here, it its not up to snuff then this app is just a novelty item. If its good, Professional DJ's just half'ed their upfront costs
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