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Thread: Native on Future iPad?

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    Default Native on Future iPad?

    A close look at the Info.plist property list for, the iOS app that runs Apple TV, suggest that the app could be headed to the iPad in some form. There a property with two "UIDeviceFamily" entries - one for the Apple TV and one for the iPad - which indicates that the app could run, unmodified, on either device. The hooks aren't there in the mainstream iOS 4.1 or the 4.2 beta, but a future OS release - or some clever hackery - could provide them.

    The UIDeviceFamily property is an array that contains two elements:

    UIDeviceFamily = (
    It's usually an integer that "specifies the underlying hardware type on which this application is designed to run," according to Apple's Information Property List Key Reference. The reference shows that iPhone/iPod touch is 1 and iPad is 2 (3 must - obviously - be Apple TV). In this case, the property is an array, which means the app was designed to run on two device families: iPad as well as Apple TV.

    The implications here are interesting. Lowtide relies on AirPlay to streaming audio and video to it. The iPad doesn't support AirPlay - yet - though in a tweet from @AriX he announced that he got the AppleTV's AirPlay daemon to run on his iPhone 4, allowing his to stream iTunes audio to his phone. And as we know from Nick's report this morning, @dhowett got Lowtide to run on an ipt4.

    AirPlay everywhere opens up really interesting possibilities all around, from streaming of video content on multiple devices, to streaming apps and other data to the Springboardless Apple TV. And if AirPlay - which is, after all, just a UDP streaming protocol based on RTSP - could be modified to work over 3G, well, the sky is the limit, isn't it?

    Source: TUAW
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    if we had this would it act like the apple tv? without hdmi of course

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    This I would love to see this. Much better on the iPad then the iPod touch.
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    Probably in the iPAD 2G

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    Quote Originally Posted by EskimoRuler View Post
    This I would love to see this. Much better on the iPad then the iPod touch.
    + 1

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    Sweet. Looking forward to it.

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    This would be great on the iPad, if they can port it to the touch, they should be able to do it to the iPad

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    man that would be nice.

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    32 pin dock connector to hdmi and the iPad is a portable Apple TV

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    Ooo this could get very interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoso10 View Post
    32 pin dock connector to hdmi and the iPad is a portable Apple TV
    That would be sick!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xelatyper View Post
    Ooo this could get very interesting
    I agree entirely

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    Quote Originally Posted by brbortscheller View Post

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