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Thread: Steve Jobs Gets Snippy About iPad Pricing

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    Quote Originally Posted by stulaw11 View Post
    Face it this is what happens when you he's whining over a $23 US difference in price which is probably import fees/shipping costs?

    Some people must think when Companies import into the UK they just put on the shipping note Granny Jobs sending a "Gift" of 15 containers of iPads to my son Steve Jobs in the UK.. Cuustoms value $18.

    It's slightly more different for companies to import into the UK even on a small scale.

    You have things like:

    Administration Fee's
    Comodity TAX (P.S this can be more than VAT on some item comodity codes)
    VAT 17.5% ( oh and the VAT is charged inclusive of shipping+products value, if you do not have the shipping cost on the invoice at time of import C&E will estimate using current UK prices for shipping these goods and charge accordingly no appeal).

    So really some people need to realise things are more expensive in the UK for a reason... That reason is businesses are R-PED on importing goods.

    So the Price is fair taking this into consideration if you have to buy in the UK. I my self will be buying abroad through family members, purely because the importing is cheaper for me not because APPLE are making a Billion% extra profit on ipads in the UK... They will be making the same, if not less just to have the price adjusted fairer in countries with crap importation regulations

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    o come on this isnt new, we are just 3 hrs from apple offices and in mexico and we paid 9000+ pesos or 860 dlls for the 16gb 3gs and for the 32gb we paid 11000+ pesos or 950 dlls, and you are crying for 150 dlls+. thats bull

    and thats all i have to say about that.
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