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Thread: Apple iPad Pre-Orders Could Begin Next Week

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    I'm going to wait and see what people build for it (including the jailbreak community).

    I love my iPhone, but handicapping the iPad with the (limited and already dated) iPhone OS just turns me off. I'm also not sure what to use this thing for. As an ereader it'll blind you. The ergonomics looks limiting. For example, in meetings it looks awkward to type on. In fact, if you don't have the stand (which kind of defeats the purpose IMO) it seems like the only position you can really type on the thing is when you prop it up real high on your leg. Otherwise you're forced with either a really awkward viewing angle, or an uncomfortable position. I'm sure you fanboys will argue with all of this, but I'm just not sure how easy this thing will be to use.

    That said, I'm still tempted by these things. But right now I'm focused on the HP Slate, which will I'm sure will have a real OS and a media card slot. Using Media Center on one of these things really does seem cool to me.

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    Why wait until the price drop or until it hits stores so you can judge it for yourself?

    I just hope your not saving up for this thing, it's not worth it. Be prepared to spend 10 times the amount in apps than the regular prices and twice more for apple care (warranty) if it even covers for broken screens, water damage, etc. By the end of the year your going to see devices running at 4g speeds and higher while the iPad you paid 130 more will still be on that old 3g AT&T network. I guess it's not worth mentioning that google is coming out with a tablet too but what does it matter, it's good business and good for the economy i guess too waste your money every year on the same devices...

    btw if your buying this just to Jailbreak it then good luck. After all the wifi/bluetooth and update issues we had with the first iphone I thought ya would be a little wiser about jailbreaking.
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    i spoke to a bestbuy floor guy..he gave me a scoop that they already have the macbooks in the back an should have them out next week..

    they are getting the ipad

    and a good number of apple stores already have the ipads in stock there just waiting for there release date to be established..

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    ^^ How boring this trolling is becoming. If you dont like the heat, get out of the kitchen and stop complaining and whining and posting pathetic images to support your opinion on something you have never seen in reality or held, yet seek to convince 'us' that your 2 pence worth of opinion is somehow of interest to us.

    And if the news here is something to be relied upon, it seems our 3GS's already have a 1Ghz CPU i.e. same as as in iPad. Makes me wander what other goodies are yet to be discovered once we get it jailbroken.
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    3G vs 3G'S' is like comparing a standard BMW to an 'M-Tech' version of the same car. They pretty much look identical, but it's whole 'nother beast beneath the shell.
    The 'S' is for 'Sheer' Power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMack007 View Post
    ^^ How boring this trolling is becoming.
    Agree and deleted.

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