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Thread: "Shanzhai" iPad Cloner Threatens to Sue Apple

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    Why refer to the company as 'crApple" on an Apple related website, on which you note that you have an iPhone AND a macbook? I know not everyone loves the iPad, but some of us do, and that statement makes you look like a ridiculous hypocrite. FWIW, that Chinese company doesn't stand a chance in hell. Outperforms in everything but battery life? Try QA...I bet there isn't much.

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    the chinese company anticipated this back when they released it. they knew from the rumor mill what it would most likley look like. besides there's no copyright infingement here anyways. otherwise every flat panel tv or desktop would be infringing on each others basic idea. this company is just mad about their small penis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    1.5 hours of battery life?! Woo hoo!
    Lmao. Bring it on!! I want a knock-off that cares about me as well. Does the iPad care if I hurt my eyes staring at its screen for 10 hours? Nope. This does tho, how thoughtful to turn off its display after an hour and a half so i dont strain my eyes too much. No wonder there is a billion of the Chinese, they are so nice and thoughtful

    Quote Originally Posted by niqolas619 View Post
    I don't know what's funnier - the fact that a copier is suing the company it is trying to copy the product from , or the fact that the copier actually made a better version than the original company! Outside of the battery life, the Chinese's company's version outperforms crApple in every category!!!
    I would literally pay money to watch you have both products side by side, have you use both for 30 minutes each, and have you then say to me, with a straight face, that the Chinese knock-off is better. I bet my new iPad it wont happen
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    Apple will counter attack them, because they copied Apple's iPhone but, a bigger version. Apple was the first with the iPhone, basicly they copied Apple because they made a bigger one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauldanielash View Post

    P88: Intel Atom 1.6GHz
    iPad: 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed chip

    P88: 10.2 inches
    iPad: 9.7 inches

    P88: 160GB mechanical hard drive
    iPad: Up to 64GB flash

    P88: 3 USB ports, 1 VGA, 1 RJ-45, card reader, earphone, mic
    iPad: dock connector, with adapters

    P88: reports range from $440 - $525 US
    iPad: $499 - $829 US
    Dude. get me one of those. forget the ipad lol. 3 usb ports???? 160 gig? **** YES.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtopilot View Post
    the only thing the apple lawyers have to do is show the judge an iphone and say...."we took out the calling feature and made it bigger."

    case dismissed.
    awesome, rofl

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    Rubbish !!!!! Since when did it become legal to steal???
    Insult on think these clowns have the guts to even consider sueing?
    They should just be locked up period !

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    Maybe it's the fact that I don't care for OSX but besides the awfull battery life I would rather have the full OS then another iPhone with a bigger screen. I bet you could run osx on it for you mac guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davedave1234 View Post
    Maybe it's the fact that I don't care for OSX but besides the awfull battery life I would rather have the full OS then another iPhone with a bigger screen. I bet you could run osx on it for you mac guys.

    Man I love running OSX...hehehe.... OSX only costs $170 for 5 activation key...then buy VMFusion to run Windows in the background.....Works great on a PC..No need to pay the overpriced $50 gazillion dollars on a MAC when I can just put it on PC that costs a fraction.. I can get the same functions and features just without the price tag....

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    dude your signature is pissing me off, get one that takes up less ******* room. but you're right, no need to buy a mac. but there is also no reason to run any apple software.

    Me: gee, i'd like to resize this window!

    PC: ok, since i'm easy to use, you can click a corner, or edge, and drag me around!

    MAC: ok, just grab my bottom right corner!

    Me: but what if i want to pull over the left side of the window?

    PC: then pull over the left side!

    Mac: too ******* bad! and i won't change to your whims becomes i've got aluminum! oh sheeeyit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
    This is just funny...Must be "little man syndrome"
    That's a bit unfair....

    Apple aren't that small
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    HA... I'd rather have the P88

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    if this happens then i literally lost all hope for the legal system....not humanity though because according to Denzel Washington in the end all we need is a Bible.....

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    Wow. Was actually looking at possibly getting this, til I saw the battery life.
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