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Thread: Inside Apple's New A4

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscusChris View Post
    And in 18 months we will be hearing about the new iPad 3G[S] with things like a camera, larger hard drive, better processor, removable media, optical drive, etc etc
    lol exactly what will happen...i mean how hard could it have been to put a camera on the front like on a macbook screen so it has just even a stinkin camera...i just was expecting something a lot closer to a macbook in tablet form that a blown up iphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukfitch21 View Post

    nuff said
    what an idiot.

    Nuff said.

    [oh yeah, dumbass removed his 4 iphones ductaped together .jpg]
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    1st gen definitely looks like something to stay away from.

    also, looks like jailbreaking is once again the only way to make an iPod OS-based product worth purchasing. In this case, backgrounder alone makes it a bit more interesting.

    but lack of front-facing camera, no way to print, no flash, and no "normal" storage space for 'net downloads (or even a way to download things from the net without jailbreaking) are combine into one large deal-breaker.

    I also have my doubts about reading for long periods of time on an LCD screen. haven't people tried that before? it's all kinds of fail for prolonged reading. not sure if people will just force themselves to pretend to like reading whole books it because Apple's name is on it (thus, they believe they should like it, no matter what) or if the screen is somehow a color version of e-ink. we'll see.

    Prediction: like a piece of infomercial exercise equipment, this will be a device that lots of people buy...only to find it collecting dust after a few months when they realize the iPad creates an unnecessary and even impractical transition from their smartphone to their computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticko View Post
    im highly against SoC's yes it is clocked at 1ghz but running a pad/tablet on an SoC is nuts. It has to run mem management and gpu's and processing...thats a lot for just 1ghz. I mean 95% of all gpu's (graphics processing units)have between 750mhz and 1ghz just for themselves and a separate cpu clocked at 2ghz+ and separate mem control for real sticks of memory, and are needed to play hd rich content and opengl products. also an HD YouTube video is not High Definition....I dont care what anyone says...unless the pad can play bluray it doesnt play hidef. i also think that is why the pad is forced to run an iphone os because anyform of leapord would not be able to work as smoothly on this SoC. the reason why it is so fast and so smooth is because the OS is dumbed down enough to work reasonably smooth on a SoC in a iPhone. just having a blown up iPod/iPhone with a blown up SoC will increase the performance/battery life on an iPhone os but lets see how it handles anything else. Most netbooks use SoC's aswell but theirs are clocked at 2ghz+ and play hd content on them is still iffy at best. And god knows i would never want to play any MODERN openGl game on a netbook id have to turn all my settings way down and pray that it doesnt skip too badly. what makes the most sense to me is the LED screens put onto the pad..that will clear any content up to look HD in my opinion. So in short...if they wanted to make the pad a lil cooler they coulda put a REAL chip in and made it slightly thicker fit a opengl standard video card (nvidia preferably) and stuck with flash memory and then that thing would be sweet probably run leapord aswell.
    amen ticko, amen. sums up my thoughts exactly.
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