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Thread: iPad: 1 GHz CPU, 9.7" Screen, WiFi. Starting at $499.

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    the iPads arent locked, u just have to find a carrier that has the micro sims

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
    lol, pedantics won't hide the blunt truth that it's not a real OS.
    The word you're looking for is pedants.

    And what is a real OS? I'd hate to think I've been using fake ones
    To live, you have to lie

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    Quote Originally Posted by redcard View Post
    The word you're looking for is pedants.

    And what is a real OS? I'd hate to think I've been using fake ones
    ped·ant (pdnt)
    1. One who pays undue attention to book learning and formal rules.
    2. One who exhibits one's learning or scholarship ostentatiously.
    3. Obsolete A schoolmaster.

    ...interesting thread...

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    god, what is the point? what is this thing going to replace? it wont replace the iphone or laptops like it says it will!!!

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    I don't beleive Jobs said it would replace either of them. I think he said it would be in a place between.

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    Default I think it is a new category
    I get your angle Pyro, but I don't think it is a replacement for anything. I think it is more of a new category. Sort of like the netbook or the smartphone.

    No one saw any use for either until they got them, now they can't live without them.

    I look at it like I look at my iPod touch. I use it for ebook apps, email, Tweet Deck, occasional gameplay (like when I am waiting to get my oil changed) and as an organizer. It sucked for music until I got the Cydia app that allows me to go to the next song with the volume buttons. But honestly, I still use my Zune for music, as it is just a better mousetrap...

    Frankly, I would use an iPad daily. And for exactly what I use my iPod Touch for. It would just be bigger...
    There are no open ports on my Zune...

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    Default Are there any good reasons to buy an iPad?
    I have a 32GB 3GS. Does everything the iPad can do, albeit, on a much smaller screen. So, the only compelling reason I can see to buy an iPad would be the larger screen. If they had OSX on there, it would make things much different, since I could take Photoshop, Aperture, Mac Office, etc... and use it as a REAL computer. Apple just has too many other irons in the fire for them to allow this to compete with their real computing line.

    The HP Slate is a nice tablet, similar to the iPad, except with Windows 7, and supports Flash. Looks like I may go this route. Can't see spending 600.00 for the iPad when I have an iPhone that does all the iPad can do...

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    Toronto Start, dated Jan.27th,2010:

    SAN FRANCISCO-As expected, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage in San Francisco today and unveiled the iPad. The tablet device is “more intimate than a laptop, and it’s so much more capable than a smartphone,” according to Jobs. What it looks like is enlarged iPhone.

    And the real kicker: "We want to put this in the hands of lots of people," Jobs told the crowd. "I am thrilled to announce it starts at $499."

    The devices will be available in 60 days, including in Canada.
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