Hi guys, only been jailbroken since friday and trying to pick up as much as i can and im struggling a bit with my custom theme. Im using winterboard on 5.0.1 ,ipad 2 . Now ive created my theme folder in var/stash/themes . In my theme folder i have the folders bundles and uiimages.and in the bundles folder are my app icons,all in folders named as the apps bundle identifier.now this is all working fine and i can enable/ disable the theme from winterboard. What i dont understand is that one or two apps,ifile for one, refuses to use the icon i put in "eu.heinelt.ifile" ive checked all the obvious things like checking the case and spelling but it is correct .whats weird is if i replace the icon in var/stash/applications/ifile ...it works and shows my modded icon. Im having exactly the same problem with changing the power slider knob...but if i change root/system/library/private frameworks/telephonyui.framework/bottombarknobred-ipad.png to my modded image it works fine and displays the modded one. I could live with this but obviously the ifile icon and power slider knob cant be changed by selecting a different theme and i have loads of apps/icons that i want to change and there are bound to be more with the same problem. I hope this is a stupid question and will be answered swiftly and efficiently by one of u clever fellas and i apologise if this is in the wrong place but i didnt know where to find an answer and after hours of googling i gave up !!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated !