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Thread: [Release] WinPad 8 Experience

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    Default [Release] WinPad 8 Experience 1.1
    WinPad 8 Metro

    Windows 8 on the iPAD 2 ??


    winpad 8 dreamboard theme for ipad 2 - YouTube

    Actual Theme

    WinPad 8 dreamboard theme iPad 2 build 1.1 - YouTube

    Cool Review

    WinPad8 for iPad - Theme Thursday - YouTube

    Enough said ...

    WinPad8 Consumer Preview

    Coming next release :

    - Rotation button

    - Desktop view appicon

    - Media hub

    - Minor fix

    - * Other feature not decided yet .

    WinPad 8 1.1

    - Bug fix

    - Game Hub

    - New Way to acces to all APP

    - More Column in ALL APPS

    - New Facebook Widget

    - New Photo Widget

    Features :

    - ALL Apps Screen

    - Lots of APP ICON to customize

    - Scrollable background

    - Lockscreen

    - Background picker

    - Nice and Smooth Animation

    - Color Picker for the Background

    - Settings Menu

    - Desktop View ( make a second theme ! )

    - Live tile picker

    - Live Tiles

    - Low Memory usage

    - Main tile Set with big icon or small icon.
    (what i did here is a chance for people that cant do their icon themself to have a clean look even if they add icon . The main focus of this is to keep the original and more close style to the original And this Was my priority.)

    - Side Charm Menu

    - WallPaper and Lockscreen Can Be change From the iOS Settings with Wallpaper Jpgfier.

    - Gps Weather can be activate with the installation of an other Cydia Tweak.

    - Option to respring in desktop mode or in Start menu mode

    **** for NEW IPAD USER : i'm Not FULL SURE this will work good on your ipad so look at the Thread for
    Users who try it before donating , thanks ****

    To get the Release

    price is 3.99$
    Donate here

    ( Before making a donation , make sure you have some or little knowledges to know how to send files to your iPAD in SSH )

    A BIG BIG thx to BCS Custom and Frep for the help.
    Thankyou guys !!


    - Q.: My weather does not show !!!

    - A.: Follow these Instruction :
    Go to Yahoo Weather Web Site ,
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Weather1.png 
Views:	1893 
Size:	288.1 KB 
ID:	588907
    Search for your city , take the number in ADRESS BAR ,
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Weather2.png 
Views:	1857 
Size:	320.8 KB 
ID:	588908
    Insert it in the settings tab.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Weahter3.png 
Views:	1800 
Size:	60.5 KB 
ID:	588909

    - Q.: How do i change the tile Color ?

    - A.: Color are changed from the Settings menu . Go to charm menu ( swiping left from right side ) then Settings , in the Personalize Screen tap on Start Screen
    an tap on COLOR , choose your Color and apply it by pushing the Bigger Square.

    - Q.: How Do i change Rotation of the Theme ?

    - A.: As of Now there is no Way to change the Rotation as i would need to code the theme from the start and its not in my near future intension . Thx

    - Q.: There is NO security in your theme what should i do ?

    - A.: take a plist editor and Delete all the portion of the Lockscreen starting from : LockView line 6695 up to line 6768 , delete and Respring .
    This will give you the opportunity to have a code on your lockscreen but you wont have the Windows 8 lockscreen .

    - Q.: The charms menu pops up randomly while scrolling !.

    - A.: Dont scroll to near of the right side as the charm menu need an activator to get out and you will hit it and make the charm menu go out .

    - Q.: This theme is not as good as splashtop .

    - A.: Splashtop is an APPLICATION , Dont compare a Theme for dreamboard to an ACTUAL APPLICATION USING WINDOWS 8 DIRECTLY AS A SERVER lol please . thx

    - Q.: iMETRO doesnt have Font on icons and your theme have font .

    - A.: First this is NOT iMETRO .
    Second : I use Font FROM DREAMBOARD so when people that do not have any Icon Making skill , they can use the small Edit icon to still LOOK ALIKE Windows 8.

    - Q.: When i am in the Full weather HUB , if i touch to the screen i can open APPS !

    - A.: This is a bug that pass thru our filter it will be resolve in the Next Update .

    - Q.: My lockscreen is Black and the desktop is weird ?

    - A.: Make sure you have installed Wallpaper Jpgfier From Cydia , And Make Sure you have set a picture FROM THE iOS SETTINGS NOT THE PHOTO ALBUM SETTINGS .

    - Q.: Photo Live tile doenst work !

    - A.: Try deleting the live widget and inserting it back (for 5.0.1 ). If that do not work ( 5.1.1 ) There will be a Fix in the next Update .

    - Q.: Weather does not update anymore !

    - A.: Goto WinPad8/Widgets/BCS/JavaScript/UniAW.js
    edit the UniAW.js and find the function convertWoeid () section.

    Replace with the code found below:

    function convertWoeid () {
            var url = ""+postal+"&u=f";
            $.get(url, function(data) {
            zip = $(data).find('guid').text().split('_')[0];
    - Q.: By accident i entered a space into the username input field , Now i cant edit back the UserName , what can i do ?

    - A.: Find the Widgets/user log/ folder and edit the setuser.html

    Find this section of code at the bottom:

     <span onClick="setun()" class="un">
     <script type="text/javascript">
     var user = localStorage.getItem("un");
    Add the word Reset here in between the </script> and </span> like this:


    Add the Word Reset in between like shown above.

    Respring and go to the winpad8 settings menu and the word Reset should appear now.
    Tap that and you should be able to edit your name again.

    After you do this edit the file again and remove the word "Reset"

    Thx to Project5 for this one

    - Q.: I need more Space in the ALL APPS SCREEN .

    - A.: Here is the instruction . :

    this is how to modifiy your all app SCREEN if you dont have enough space for all your app .

    This is only for people who have A LOT OF APP and encounter visibility problem in the all app .
    for the other dont bother changing anything . THX



    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	changingcollumn.png 
Views:	1382 
Size:	89.7 KB 
ID:	599837



    Here is some Icon Link made by our great friend KernelPad . ( Prop to you mate )


    Windows 8 LockScreen

    Xbox Hub Game

    Metro Style

    New Release Preview

    Metro Style

    Large icon



    Icon Request for

    hiragawa.h (Icon Request).zip

    Icon Request for

    Icon Request for

    Icon Request for

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	metro111.png 
Views:	12646 
Size:	111.9 KB 
ID:	579455  
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