Hello all,

I have purchased and installed MyWi 7 and MyWi On Demand on my wife's iPhone 4S after jailbreaking with evasion7. I've set it up as a hotspot for her iPad Air and it works great. But I'd like to install that package on her iPad so she could use the On Demand capability. I used evasion7 to jailbreak her iPad and the Cydia icon is there. But I cannot install MyWi or the On Demand package to the iPad (F/W: 7.0.4.) When I try to install (MyWi 6.0 iOS Library) I get a message which begins: "The requested modifications cannot be applied..." The box below lists the programs to be installed including MyWi 7 and MyWi On Demand. Below that there is another box which says, Depends iOS Firmware <=7. Am I missing something which should be obvious? Thanks in advance for any guidance.