Hi, I'm not sure this is the right section.

My ipad 2 stuck on activation screen. I do not know the email and password.

Here's what happens, I bought this ipad on craiglist last year april and it was jailbroken and still on ios5.
I been using it since theres no problem. last night I updated it to ios7 since Evasi0n jailbreak is up so decided to update it..
after doing that it just stuck in activation screen. I tried calling the previous owner but no answer. keep calling and texting all day no luck.

This is not stolen or whatsoever. I can prove this showing our conversation when I first bought it and prove that I been calling and texting the previous owner.

My question is, Is there anyway to bypass the activation screen? Or should I go to apple and tell them what happens and show them a proof that I bought it from craiglist whatsoever?

I tried using the Evasi0n to jailbreak it but it won't me allow me to jailbreak it unless I activated the ipad..