i jailbreak my ipad 2 (firmware 5.1.1) and everything was working fine. i decided to play with some themes and i was deleting the ones that i didnt like . after springboard restarted my cydia icon is gone. i been looking for an answer but i always find this answer

If you have Cydia, install Quickgold and Poof to unhide the icons
Install SBSettings and unhide any apps that are hidden
Launch the Settings app and disable/reenable restrictions. Doing this should unhide all the hidden apps
If Cydia is hidden, you can use Apt-get and install Quickgold from the SSH prompt
Worst case scenario, if nothing works, you can use iPhoneBrowser and delete the files located at /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.apple.SpringBoard.plist and the reboot your phone.

problem is i dont have cydia. second i cant seem to find a download quickgold.deb and i dont really know if the apt-get i found in the internet is the one i need. is there a way to fix this problem. i was thinking maybe upgrading to 6.1.2 then jailbreak with evation. i need to know if this is the right way to fix it, i dont want my problem to get worst.

i really appreciate the advice and sorry if i post on the wrong section.