So after enjoying siri for a few days, I installed a "GUI fixer"? Not sure what it was supposed to do because all it did was break's port. Siri would come up but would not accept requests. Not even the "cannot take requests" message.. Anyway I uninstalled that but Siri continued not to function. I figured something got corrupted, so I uninstalled SiriPort intending to reinstall after a reboot. Aaaaand that's as far as I got. It froze immediately after uninstalling. Didn't even click "Reboot".. So I hard reset (home+power). Now it hangs at Apple logo. Here's what I know:

1) Apple logo shows up, nothing else.
2) Mobile substrate will not dump into safe mode, even with the volume button trick.
3) iTunes will recognize the iPad as if nothing is wrong, as will Windows. I can view all my files, even connect DiskAid..

My conclusion is that is screwed up somehow. But no backup... That's just a semi-educated guess though, if you have suggestions, PLEASE help me!! All of my school notes and homework is on here and I really don't want to upgrade to 6.0 and lose my jailbreak.. It's a godsend for me. Any suggestion is appreciated..

Perhaps if someone has an iPad 3 jailbroken on 5.1.1 you could upload your o.0