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Thread: 5.1.1 JB Breaks Music App and Itunes Match Playlist Functionality in iPad 3

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    Default 5.1.1 JB Breaks Music App and Itunes Match Playlist Functionality in iPad 3
    I have JB both my iphone 4S and and new IPad (iPad 3) using Absinthe 2.0.4 Windows.

    I have a documented problem w/the use of the Itunes Match official Apple-generated Genius playlists on the iPad 3 when running the Apple music app. To be clear, these are the playlists that ITunes Match supplies and in fact requires users to have on their IOS devices.

    On the iPad 3, when clicking on certain playlists, nothing happens - ie. the Music does not play. Other times, the playlist abruptly stops after playing a few songs. The forward button does not advanced the music. In other instances, the music appears to be playing via the slider bar, but no music plays. Eventually the Music app becomes nearly useless. It also occurs when just playing songs of a single artist.

    This problem does not occur on an iphone 4s running the same JB, IOS version etc.. Both the iphone and the iPad are running identical versions of IOS and ITunes. The Music app settings are also the same.

    I originally experienced this problem on the iPad 3 after installing a number of Cydia apps. To exclude a problem app as the issue, I performed a factory refresh of the iPad and initiated a 2nd JB w/out installing any apps in Cydia or configuring it in any way. iTunes Match is broken again as described above.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions.


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    I had the same problem with my iPhone 4s and iTunes match playlists and songs after I did the JB.

    It turned out my music cache was corrupted. Once I deleted the cache and let iTunes match rebuild the cache everything was fine.

    Steps to delete the music cache
    1. Open Settings
    2. Select General
    3. Select usage
    4. Wait until the list gets populated
    5. Click on music
    6. The screen will now show you how many Mb/Gb of space your music takes
    7. Click on edit
    8. Click the - to delete the cache

    You will now have removed all your music. Go back to setting then music, and turn ITunes Match back on.

    All your playlists and songs listings in the cloud will be rebuilt. Download a couple of songs and you should see everything working again.
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