I'm really frustrated for the lack of 'select all'- button within the ipad photos app.
Cydia tweak for selecting all photos would be great, but for now that doesn't seem to exist.

Is there any way to delete all photos from the ipad itself?
There was an older guide here: How to delete all photos on jailbroken iPad without iTunes - Vinh Khoa's blog: Web development tips and tutorials
but it seems that the photos and metadata exist on multiple locations in my ipad. (ipad 3, ios 5.1.1)

Are there certain folders I could simply delete to with iFile to remove all the photos and photos data without causing any harm to the photos app?

I need this because I may take hundreds of photos within a day, and I import them all to my ipad for keywording and rating with photosmith (http://www.photosmithapp.com)

Deleting them (by selecting one at a time, or swiping with two fingers) is a pain in the ***, as I don't use itunes for importing them to my mac (and that is for a reason)

Any help here would be much appreciated!